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25 Apr 2022 | News, Our journey
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As our client base increases and repeat business maintains a 100% record – we’re delighted to announce that Ed Suckling has joined the Reuzer team as our Creative Team Lead.

Ed comes with such a wealth of experience in the media design sector – we’re confident he’ll have an instant impact. No pressure Ed 😬

Over to Ed to explain more 👇


I’m Ed Suckling, and I’m very excited to be joining the team at Reuzer as Creative team lead. Here’s a picture of me hard at work, and beneath is a little about my background.



I trained in animation at the Royal College of Art and since then have been working as a creative and animator in digital training, TV series, and music video production.

Speaking of music video production, I was an animator on this D&AD Wood Pencil Award winning music video. Beneath are a few extracts and here’s the full video.


And my career has been hugely varied! I also worked as a character animator on the CBBC series, ‘The Adventures of Abney and Teal’ which is a surreal children’s television programme which uses a mixture of 2D and CGI animation and first aired in 2011.



I love a challenge, learning new techniques and keeping my work up to date with current trends.

In-fact I started out as a hand-drawn animator, and over the years have taught myself the Adobe Suite, 3D animation, motion graphics design, and creating visuals for VR/AR projects, among other techniques and styles.


Team lead

As a team lead I’ve gained so much valuable experience in managing many different types of creative digital projects across the energy sector, often dealing with multiple senior stakeholders in global organisations.

My day-to-day work has always been quite varied and includes briefing, storyboarding, scheduling, production and reviewing creative e-learning and digital projects. I’m a people person, and enjoy working with people from all levels across an organisation and have appreciated being a line manager to a team of creative designers. Also, I’m Prince2 Foundation Certified with a lot of experience using waterfall and agile methodology.

Other bits

My partner and I have a young daughter, so I spend a lot of time visiting playgrounds and soft play centres! I’m also into meditation and Buddhism and spend a lot of time at the Norwich Buddhist Centre. And I used to love music, and played with a samba band in Norwich, but unfortunately I don’t have so much time for that now (maybe in a few years’ time).

I’m really looking forward to working with the team at Reuzer and having the opportunity to contribute to the exciting and high quality work that Reuzer produce.

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