Welcome, Nick!

22 Feb 2023 | News
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Howdy, my name’s Nick Smith and I’m the latest to join the team over at Reuzer.

But who is this person you may ask?

Well if you continue on reading, maybe I can share with you a little bit about me and what makes me, me.


Initially studying graphic design and photography at Great Yarmouth college, I eventually went onto the Norwich School of Art and Design (better known today as Norwich University of the Arts). Though out of those two subjects, photography would be the one which resonated most within me and is something which I continue to pursue today.


And even though I don’t have a college qualification, I also enjoy the world of 3D content creation and I’ve worked with 3D software for more than 10 years, and continue to do so even in my spare time, trialling new software and techniques to hone my craft.


Opposite you’ll see an example of my 3D work.



Back to photography. I think the reason why I enjoy it is because I’m a curious person at heart and it allows me to capture those things and explore parts of the world which maybe not everyone gets to experience.

Though if I was asked what type of photography I enjoyed, the closest thing would be documentary. Generally, I enjoy creating project based work, as this helps me focus and gives me motivation towards an overall body of work. Though because of this, the type of images I create can vary from landscapes to portraits, and I hope to one day be able to create a photobook from that work.



Like photography, I’ve always had an interest in videography, and it was during 2021 when I decided to explore this further, with the creation of my YouTube channel.

Being influenced by others to start, I decided to create a channel based around photography. I think what also inspired me to branch out to this area, was because I used to blog, and I could see video creation as another good way for me to pass on my knowledge.

Watch my Petzval lens review here.


Mechanical keyboards

It’s fair to say that the mechanical keyboard is a simple everyday object that everyone will use at some point in their life.

However, if I added the word ‘custom’ in-front of that, maybe that might pique your interest?

So what is a custom mechanical keyboard? The simplest explanation would be, something that you build from scratch and assemble yourself by hand, from picking and soldering each individual switch, to purchasing keycaps that help express who you are. So is it any different than a regular £10 keyboard?

No, keyboards function pretty much the same as each other, and the same can be said for say…a car. Cars still get you from A to B, some might have leather seats or bigger engines, but you buy that car because you enjoy the drive. The same is with mechanical keyboards. It’s something I use daily that helps me enjoy my day-to-day.


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