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8 Jul 2022 | Industry insights, News, Projects
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When we say ‘Toolbox Talk’ we don’t mean an actual ‘toolbox talk’. Instead we mean a new range of cleverly created learning resources coming from the talented Reuzer team, directed by Stitch and supported by our amazing clients, collaborators and partners.

But…our first Toolbox Talk was all about delivering a good Toolbox Talk…confused? You should be 😂

Let’s explain more…


No actors

Toolbox Talks are a new concept of multi purpose, multi playback safety-critical learning resources delivered as a standalone video or trackable e-learning resource via a digital learning platform. These short, sharp videos are delivering real stories and real experiences from real people. No messing. No makeup. No script. 🎬 



Whether controlling potential dropped objects, managing difficult team members, isolating equipment, dealing with mental health concerns or delivering an actual toolbox talk – this suite has no limits. And we’re keen to collaborate and utilise the wealth of knowledge and experience out there in the safety-critical sector 👷🏽👨🏻‍🔧

Keeping it real

The key word here is real. These people aren’t actors, they’re professionals that have given up their time to be part of this initiative.

They’ve seen things and witnessed things, and now they’re sharing these moments with us to make the safety-critical sector a safer place to work. Credit to them for stepping forward and sitting in the hot seat. And while we’ve got a few more scheduled for 2022, we’re keen to drive this initiative forward to create a whole host of these resources and share them amongst the sector.

That’s where you can get involved 🫵

Get involved

If you’re reading this from a global energy company or as a contractor with heaps of experience in the safety-critical sector, don’t be shy. Reach out and talk to us. We’re a forward thinking business and we can make things happen…quickly. Whether a soft skills topic or something more specific, we’d love to hear from you. You can reach out here.



And you’ll be in good company! For our first foray into this new initiative we were lucky enough to have the incredible Perenco back us. Perenco is Europe’s first independent oil and gas company, with a worldwide portfolio of assets, including 14 onshore and offshore subsidiaries in Asia, Europe, West Africa, the Mediterranean and Latin America.

With this Perenco partnership we were connected with NUI OIM Chris West, who became the first person to take the hot seat and share some valuable knowledge based on his 10+ years of experience in the oil and gas sector. And we think Chris is a natural, see for yourselves here.

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