The Reuzer Platform is Live!

12 Feb 2021 | Inspiration, News, Projects
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Forgive us for bragging, but we’re rather pleased to launch our game-changing Platform 🚀

We’ve got uzers 👍

As of right now we have active uzers on our Platform taking our quality digital training content. And it’s not only the uzers benefitting. Managers and Administrators are also benefiting from a slick automated enrolment process, and the ability to configure course and company specific reminders, as well as many other features. Gone are the days of searching for certificates, resetting passwords and waiting for a 3rd party to share log-in details.


The uzer experience

As with everything we do at Reuzer, we’ve built the Platform with a simple, well designed and engaging uzer experience. And we’ve designed and optimised it for pretty much every kind of screen you can imagine, from your desktop to your tablet, and phone. We’ve drawn upon 25+ years of design and training experience to create something which sets itself aside from the competition. But don’t just take our word for it. We know that the safety-critical sector demands more from a platform, so along the development journey – we enlisted credible testers from within the safety-critical sector to put it through its paces. See it in action here.

The road-map

If we’re honest, we’re a little further in our journey than we expected to be. That’s largely due to the support and positivity we’ve received from our clients. They like the sound of what we’re doing and are on-board with our vision. But just as technology does, our vision will constantly evolve and adapt, and as such we’ll continue to invest in the Platform, meaning it doesn’t stagnate and watch the world pass it by.  Here’s some key additions we’re adding in the not too distant future: classroom integration, off-line capability and the Reuzer App. Want to add something else to our road map? Let us know, after all – this Platform is designed to make your life easier…not harder.


Join us

We’re serious about what we do, and for us – collaboration is key. If your current Platform isn’t doing it for you – let us know. Also – if your current platform is doing it for you and you still want a demo, we’ll gladly oblige 😉

Finally, our Corporate Partnership Scheme has been well received, with organisations looking to benefit from affordable quality e-learning, without any on going fees. If it interests you and your business – please reach out and talk to us.

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