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8 Dec 2020 | News, Our journey
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At Reuzer, we’ve seen many platforms, some of which are great but a lot have left us feeling disappointed!

For the benefit of the doubt, when we use the word ‘Platform’ we’re referring to the Learning Management System (LMS), or simply put – the place you log into to take your on-line training and e-learning. The reason we’re not using ‘LMS’ is because it’s so much more than that these days, or at least it should be.

If it’s not managed properly as part of an overall project, then the platform can be an afterthought. Simple scenario – the content is ready but how are we going to host it? Now a quick search for an adequate platform follows. Also, it better be cheap as the budget has been spent on the content…😬

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The facts

Time for some facts. In a 2019 report by Docebo it was identified that 58% of companies were dissatisfied with their current platform because it is outdated and does not meet their business needs. Further to this, 37% of organizations were looking to replace their current platform within the next 2 years. So why is it going so wrong? It all starts with the user experience.

Do you like Netflix?

Based on nearly 170 million subscribers worldwide it’s fair to say that a lot of people like Netflix. But why do so many of us like it? The simple answer is because it’s…well, simple! It has a simple user interface and a simple pricing model. When you combine this simplicity with other benefits such as user recommendations, no long term commitments, fresh content and no advertisements we get an experience which puts the user at the very centre of the platform, or in this case Netflix. Netflix have developed the ultimate user-centric platform. Sadly, many platforms in the digital training world aren’t like Netflix. They do have tricky pricing models with hidden extras, bad device optimization and a poor user interface. But why? We have the technology and in many cases we do have the budget.

The answer to this question isn’t a quick one. However, we do know that it starts with ensuring that the platform of choice is aligned to your fundamental objectives. If not, you’re settling for something which is nearly there and ‘making it work’ – that’s a technical term! Making it work is a little like sealing a leaking gutter with duct tape. It doesn’t look great and it will seal, but only for a while. The best solution is to do it properly in the first place.


Who’s reviewing it?

Aligning the platform to your fundamental objectives begins with the review process, and from our experience the people evaluating the platform are the people signing the cheque, and not necessarily the end user. These people have huge responsibility. In medium and large organizations with 100’s or 1000’s of employees this evaluation stage helps to define the optimal platform for the business needs. It shouldn’t be taken on half-hearted. The business needs could be vast and cross multiple age ranges, different geographies, areas of low bandwidth, different levels of computer proficiency and many other factors. Long before any platform review takes place a clear picture of the end goal needs to be established. This is your benchmark. It’s easy to get blinded by extra functionality and wow factor – but do you need it and is it part of your plan? One thing’s for sure – you can guarantee you’ll be paying for it.

The Reuzer Platform

At Reuzer we’re taking the bull by the horns and creating our own platform –  the Reuzer Platform. We’ve listened to the feedback, we’ve done our research and we’re putting our money where our mouth is. In January, the first release of our Platform hits the virtual shelves. If you’d like a demo, or if the sound of our Corporate Partnership Scheme interests you, get in touch and see how you can join our journey. Here’s a short video to show you what we’re creating!

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