9 Dec 2021 | Industry insights, News, Projects
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Fresh off the success of our mental health e-learning collaboration with Seadrill, we’re at it again. This time we’re joining forces to co-create a ‘Sustainability in the energy sector’ e-learning course.

And aside from Seadrill, we’ve also hooked up with another rather serious oil and gas player – and they’re coming along for the journey. We can’t name them yet (legal stuff) but all will be revealed soon! Let’s just say if we could pick two companies to partner with, then we’ve won the partner picking lottery 😉


So what is this course?

This is a company wide course designed for everybody (regardless of their position) in the energy sector. And that’s exactly what our two partners intend on doing. They’re rolling this course out across their whole workforce – and with an estimated combined headcount of 12,000 people, we’re thrilled to be the digital provider of choice to deliver this vital message.

Aside from the 12,000 people, this course will also be available on the Reuzer Platform for all of our existing clients and users to access and benefit from.


What’s covered?

The aim of this course isn’t to deep dive into the depths of sustainability – but to provide a good grounding and some base knowledge from which we can build on. With a total seat time of around 1 hour split across three 20 minute modules – we cover everything from the Paris Agreement, Net Zero, The UN SDGs, ESG and the IPIECA 2021 Roadmap for the oil and gas sector.

To craft the content we’ve worked side-by-side with two Global Directors of Sustainability, ensuring we hit the mark for their workforce and for the energy sector in general. We’ve even reserved a space for you to drop in your own company specific SDGs to educate your own workforce on the points of priority within your organisation.



We’ve really pulled out all the stops for this course. One thing you won’t see is vast amounts of text on screen, PowerPoint motion paths and design inconsistencies.


We get very passionate about creating quality content and delivering the message in the best way possible to the end user. When it comes to safety and the planet, box ticking training and education just isn’t an answer. If you’re going to do it, do it properly. And that’s what we’ve done. We’ve partnered with award winning illustrator Andy Ward, we’ve commissioned quality 2D animation, we’re using real life video, professional photography, a quality voice over from actor Charlie Keable and stunning visuals provided by the team at IPIECA

This course goes above and beyond to deliver a critical message at a much needed turning point in the global sustainability challenges we face.



This course goes live in January 2022. For more information or to add your name to the list of partners  contact us here.

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