Spotlight: Three years of learning

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5 Mar 2024 | Industry insights, Spotlights
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Reuzer’s three-year anniversary has come and gone in a flash. We’re no longer a burgeoning start-up with nothing but a bold idea to shake up safety-critical training.

Now, with year-on-year growth, we’re an established creator of custom content and a quality learning platform for the sector – or a ‘welcome disruptor’ as one client said.

Our Founder Ian Smith shares his thoughts about the Reuzer journey so far…

Transparency and honesty have always been a big part of the Reuzer approach – we want to share our ideas with the industry and encourage others to do the same. In that spirit, I wanted to share a few thoughts about where we’ve come from, where we’re at, and where we’re heading next.

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We’ve got nothing to hide

When you go up against established players in any market, you’re going to face scepticism. You might even ruffle a few feathers. Our approach was to do things our way from the start, which helped us stand out. Competitors have asked me how we’re doing so well (that’s always nice to hear!). One of the things I put it down to is our willingness to show our working out.

There’s no mystery to Reuzer – we don’t pretend what we do is some extreme form of rocket science. Instead, we regularly post about our projects, new wins and client feedback, share what we’re up to on social media, and explain our approach through detailed case studies.

We also pride ourselves on our lack of hidden costs. If we create a resource for a client, it’s theirs. We don’t charge them to use it year after year or force them to sign up to our platform, although many do once they see it in action.


We’re always trying something new

I often challenge the mentality of the safety-critical training sector!

“Just because it’s always been like this, it doesn’t mean it always has to be.”

At Reuzer, we’re excited to try something new, fail fast, and keep making great work for our clients to push the industry forward.

We don’t want to deliver the same thing over and over again, slap a logo on it, and charge a lot of money for a quick, short term win. We’re here for the long term. Instead, we want to break each project down to its nuts and bolts, understand what organisations really need, and then focus on the details to deliver it.


We’re not the cheapest, for a reason

Safety is not a place for penny pinching.

“A while back, we lost out on a new project because the client said we weren’t the cheapest. And I’m ok with that”.

You wouldn’t buy the cheapest tires for your family car, so why would you pick the cheapest provider to communicate safety messages to employees? That said, engaging, comprehensive resources don’t need to cost the earth, and people are often surprised by what we can achieve with their budget.

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We’ve got great clients

One of the big start-up challenges is building a reputation. You know you have a great idea, but you’ve got nothing to show for it. You really need somebody to take a punt and believe in what you’re trying to do as much as you do. And we’re very lucky to have a few forward-thinking clients who did just that so we could show them what was possible.

They recognised that considered, carefully created content equals great learning outcomes for their employees. They can see the return on their investment and the impact better training resources can have on the organisation. And we’ve got nearly 100 percent repeat business and countless referrals as a result.


We want to work together

The Reuzer Platform, which includes a learning management system, fully fledged competence management system and our offline app, has been designed and built in collaboration with some of the sector’s largest organisations. That’s how we know it works the way businesses need it to.

I believe collaboration is key to keeping high-quality training accessible and affordable. That’s why we bring businesses together to share the cost of creating new resources and make a wide variety of e-learning courses available on our platform.

Moving forwards, I’d like to see businesses being more open about their safety efforts and willing to share their resources across the sector. And for the Reuzer Platform to become the central hub for organisations to access all these resources, obviously!

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