Spotlight: The Reuzer Platform

17 Jan 2024 | Industry insights, Spotlights
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We launched the Reuzer Platform in 2020 to solve some fundamental training issues the safety critical sector was facing. Here, we take a closer look at why the platform was created, what it has to offer, and what’s coming down the pipeline.

What is the Reuzer Platform?

Our Platform delivers all your learning and competence needs in one user-focused, future-proofed destination – from hosting all your digital training resources to tracking and managing your team’s competence.


What comes as standard?

You’ll automatically get access to our learning management system (LMS), including over 50 courses covering leadership, net zero, health and safety, and technical skills. You can also add our competence management system (CMS), which will pull through any e-learning your people have completed.

The Platform can easily link to your other systems too, like your HR software. Then, when new starters join the business and are added to your system, they’ll automatically be set up with a profile in Reuzer.

Why did we decide to make the Platform?

“Having worked in the safety critical sector for 13 years, I knew the existing e-learning and competence tools were not fit for purpose.

There had to be a better way.”

Ian Smith, Founder, Reuzer

Existing solutions, some of which were glorified Excel spreadsheets, were causing several pain points, including:

  • Untargeted, outdated solutions – they weren’t designed with the energy sector in mind, making them hard to use, irrelevant, and ineffective.
  • Reliance on third parties – solution providers were in control, meaning it could take two days for a learner to receive joining instructions for a course.
  • Bad content – much of the content out there was unengaging, overly long, and unsuccessful at communicating key safety critical messages.
  • No mobile capability – they were optimised for mobile delivery and were totally useless without a strong internet signal, so people were resorting to paper-based assessment methods or lengthy uploading processes.

How did we build the Platform?

We engaged with key industry players early on to make sure we were creating a sector-specific solution. This directly impacted what we built, for example:

  • We learned time was being wasted setting up and deleting profiles for contractors. So we created an inactive user feature, which admins can toggle on and off as required.
  • We made reporting easy so organisations with multiple vessels and rigs can quickly access location-specific information for HSE requirements, insurance purposes, and project bids.

Driving efficiency

“One of our clients added 1,000 users and had 3,000 course completions in the first six months, proving this is a robust and reliable platform that supports users around the world to complete their training.”

Ian Smith, Founder, Reuzer

What are the benefits of the Platform?

Easy to use

We set out to make the Platform as user-friendly as possible, so everyone, no matter their age or computer literacy, can complete the training they need to do their job safely.

Less admin intensive

We’ve reduced the amount of time staff spend on administration and courses by up to 90%, freeing people up to focus on higher-value tasks.

Engaging content, always

Our e-learning resources were built from scratch. We’ve distilled essential information down into relevant and engaging bite-size content.

Complete control

Reuzer customers have visibility over their full training offering, so they can understand the status of individual learners, and, with our CMS, their competencies too.

Fully customisable

Customers can add their own elements and job profiles to the Platform to make it work for them. It can even be branded to match your organisation’s identity.


What’s next for the Reuzer Platform?

As the needs of the safety critical sector evolve, we’re making sure the Platform keeps up with the pace.

Right now, we’re testing our on-the-job assessment app. It lets admins conduct in-person reviews without an internet connection. Once their device is back online, any videos or completed forms will be automatically uploaded to the employee’s profile.

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