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14 Mar 2024 | Our journey, Spotlights
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When Reuzer launched in 2021 it made a splash. Our ‘uzer-friendly’ eye-catching branding helped to set us apart from the competition and grab the industry’s attention.

Here we take a closer look at how we developed our brand and the impact it’s had.

What were the initial thoughts around the Reuzer brand?

Reuzer’s Creative Director, Bobby Burrage, is also Creative Director of The Click – the branding studio we worked with to create our new identity. The first stage of their process was to work with us to write a brand story. This is a short statement that summarises what Reuzer is all about – our mission, vision, and values as a business. This then inspired the visual identity.


What was clear from the beginning was that the brand needed to represent the human aspect of Reuzer – both the ‘uzers’ of our courses and platform and the life-saving nature of some of the training we provide.

How did this thinking play out in the brand’s development?

In quite a few ways! Firstly, the physical nature of the brand – the Reuzer ‘R’ – is based on a person, a platform ‘uzer’. This simple but meaningful idea makes the brand more memorable and engaging, and its human-centric nature then informed other elements of the brand.

“The brand represents our ‘uzer’. Ultimately, we’re trying to make everything brilliant for them. And our clients understand that if their employees are enjoying using the platform, they’ll complete training more efficiently, making their businesses safer.”

Bobby Burrage, Creative Director, Reuzer

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We wanted the whole Reuzer experience to be appealing and accessible. So we used lots of photography of people, helping to convey a softer, more relatable side of these industries, rather than focusing solely on high-vis jackets and heavy machinery. And we’ve prioritised diversity too – of age, gender, and race – to reflect a wider pool of employees.

We made sure our typefaces and font sizes were clear and legible. And we ensured the Reuzer personality came across in the language we used, striking a balance between the serious subject matter and the user-friendly experience our platform provides.


What other elements were included as part of the brand identity?

Our brand identity toolkit includes our blue-hued colour palette as well as a gradient pattern, which adds more depth and movement, especially in video content. The core logomark informed the development of an icon suite and bespoke illustrations to use across the platform and our wider communications. We’ve also developed our own styles of illustration and animation for our courses, which have been inspired by the core branding.

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How does the branding help Reuzer stand apart from the competition?

“Creating this brand was more of an opportunity than a challenge. We looked at the competition and saw that design and brand were clearly not a big factor in how they operated. We knew we could stand out and be a genuine disruptor.”

Bobby Burrage, Creative Director, Reuzer

By prioritising brand-led user-centric design from the start, Reuzer doesn’t look like anything else on the market. We’re also a world away from the spreadsheet-based solutions lots of our clients were using before they found us. As a small start-up, this level of professionalism and poise stood us in good stead. We had a full suite of tools before we’d secured our first client. And now, thanks in part to our branding, we’ve become what we aspired to be.

Has the brand changed at all since its launch?

Not in any substantial way, which is testament to the time and effort we put into it upfront. The website has been through a refresh, but the brand has remained relevant and flexible to suit our needs.

Having that toolkit from the start has helped us grow, as we’ve never been creating something from scratch. Whether it’s an ad, a series of social posts, or a presentation for a new client, we’ve had everything we need to produce communications that align with what Reuzer is all about – our uzers.

Want to know more about our branding experience? Click to read The Click’s full case study.

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