Spotlight: Safety Alerts

27 Nov 2023 | Industry insights, Spotlights
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In our first-ever Reuzer Spotlight, we’re taking a closer look at our animated safety alert service.

It’s already transforming the ways oil and gas giants are communicating important messages around incident prevention.


What is a safety alert? 

When there’s an incident in the energy sector – either lost time, first aid, or a major accident hazard – safety-critical businesses need to let their employees know.

A safety alert (also referred to as ‘lessons learned’ ‘safety bulletin’ or ‘hazard awareness reports’) is the mechanism for sharing information about what happened, how, and the key learnings from the incident.

Why are they so important?

Maintaining safe operations is essential for every oil and gas company – both in terms of meeting regulations, protecting staff from injury, and preventing unnecessary financial losses.

Safety alerts are a key tool to raise awareness, change behaviour, and avoid future incidents. In some cases, they’re essential proof that due diligence has taken place.


What do safety alerts typically look like?

When an incident occurs, many businesses send out emails with pure-text PDFs containing the information described above. The problem? These PDFs can be quite dry, meaning the information isn’t easy for people to engage with and absorb. Plus, organisations have no way of measuring if people have read them.

What’s the Reuzer solution?

To make people take note of these important messages, we create animated safety alerts for our clients.

Our 2D animated videos (3D is also an option), comprise a few scenes and a narrative voiceover. Short and punchy – most are under five minutes long – our safety alerts can be emailed out as a video link to employees as a simple and effective way to share this vital information.

“This HSE Alert is spot on. I have checked the HSE Alert which was issued and you didn’t miss a thing. The animation is fantastic. WELL DONE!!!”

Louie Jessome, Vantage

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What else do clients get?

Our safety alerts service also includes a campaign pack. Clients receive their video and accompanying collateral to promote it, like a poster with a QR code to watch the video, desktop screensaver, or a trailer – whatever they need to get their message across.

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What’s the process like for our clients?

“Because of our industry knowledge, the client doesn’t have to explain everything from scratch. We can use the incident report as a reference, write the script, and develop the whole animation with minimal input from them.”

Ian Smith, Founder, Reuzer

Typically, all we need is the incident report and a phone call to clarify any details. Because it’s animation, we can quickly create rough sketches, so clients can make changes and approve the storyboards before the full animation is made. We can also take care of translation, delivering more value by making the safety alert usable in any language.


What are the big benefits for businesses?

“The Reuzer Platform gives you all the information you need to make more data-driven decisions around safety alerts and further training moving forwards.”

Ian Smith, Founder, Reuzer

According to a 2023 Insivia report, people retain around 90 percent of a message when they watch it on video, compared with just 10 percent when they’re reading it in text. Our animated safety alerts help bring these life-threatening incidents to life for your employees in a way that a written PDF cannot. They can be the difference between the message hitting home and people ignoring it completely.

And with the Reuzer Platform, you can automatically assign safety alert videos to specific employees, job roles, or locations; set reminders; assign validity periods for specific safety alerts; and keep track of whose watched them – and who hasn’t.

“Reuzers expertise in translating the written word into an animated video has provided us with a tool that is a critical leap forward for safety in our company.

The animated HSE Alerts we have had them develop provide the tool we required to ensure a consistent message is being delivered across our rig fleet.”

Wayne Bauer, Vantage

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