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2 Mar 2024 | Industry insights, Our journey
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We know that in the safety-critical sector, a strong and reliable internet connection is something of a luxury. Whether a land rig in Oman or a vessel in the North Sea, every location is different and has its own challenges.

For a little while now, we’ve been busy listening to our clients and scoping the ultimate offline web app, a Progressive Web App, or PWA, to be precise.

And with PWA’s becoming common place in our society (Spotify, BMW, Starbucks all use a PWA) we thought we’d take a look at some of the key features and benefits.


PWA’s are built using standard web technologies but they are designed to function across all devices and platforms. And they’re totally responsive! This means that they’ll adapt to various screen sizes and device capabilities. In fact, a PWA will even optimise the delivery of the actual content based on the device and browser being used. So while older devices might not get the same experience as a brand new Samsung Galaxy or iPad, they’ll still get an experience.

No App Stores!

For us, this is huge. We can make, manage and maintain just one single version of the PWA and not need to rely on any App Stores to distribute it. No Google, No Apple, no fees.

But, like those App stores, once you open the PWA you can save it to your home screen for quick access or group it in a folder with other Apps.

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The beauty of a PWA is that they can also work offline or with limited connectivity by caching assets and data.

What’s the cache?

Consider the ‘cache’ as a short term memory which allows content to be stored on the device enabling it to load quicker when it’s called upon. And the whole PWA can be cached, which makes it rather responsive when there’s no connection.

It’s fair to say that the caching element is crucial and one which guided our decision making. It means that with the Reuzer offline app, someone can log-on (with a connection) and then work offline on the device for an extended period and have full access to all the data they need (we’re talking days not hours or minutes). At which point the device syncs when a connection is established, and the process repeats as needed.



Like a native App on your iPhone or iPad (other devices are available šŸ˜‰), a PWA will also allow for push notifications and updates, along with smooth screen transitions and a crisp display.

In essence, they’re designed to take on much of the positive elements from the 1st generation of Apps we’re all used to, but aren’t limited by device specification.


They’re incredibly secure. PWAs are served over HTTPS (Hypertext transfer protocol secure) which allows for browser-to-server encryption. So as long as the PWA is regularly maintained and updated, it’s very safe and your data isn’t going anywhere.

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