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25 Jan 2021 | Industry insights

Spotlight: Safety Alerts

In our first-ever Reuzer Spotlight, we’re taking a closer look at our animated safety alert service. It’s already transforming the...

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Screenshot 2023-10-31 125351
25 Jan 2021 | Industry insights

Classroom to desktop

Transitioning from a traditional classroom teacher to the world of digital e-learning marked a significant shift in my career, something...

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20231023-Reuzer Platform visuals v38
11 Aug 2023 | News, Our journey

Capturing competence

Find out about our new competency management system and all the smart, time-saving features we created specifically for the safety-critical...

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21 Jul 2023 | Industry insights

My experience

Reuzer were commissioned to create a video for Perenco across two locations.

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27 Jun 2023 | Industry insights

Leading and lagging indicators

For a while now we’ve heard these two terms almost daily in our business, and almost always in the context...

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21 Jun 2023 | Industry insights, News, Our journey

Visual safety alerts

Within the Reuzer team we have over 40 years of experience creating digital content for the oil and gas sector....

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5 Mar 2023 | Industry insights

Artificial creativity?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been rapidly advancing in recent years, opening a new world of possibilities.

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22 Feb 2023 | News

Welcome, Nick!

Howdy, my name’s Nick Smith and I’m the latest to join the team over at Reuzer. But who is this...

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