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2 Mar 2021 | News, Our journey, Projects
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If it’s box ticking training you’re looking for – then this probably isn’t for you.

Trust us, we’ve seen some pretty dreadful excuses for e-learning at a rather eye watering cost and when it comes to safety, we’d rather not cut corners.

Publishing a PowerPoint and adding a computer generated voice over isn’t (in our opinion) e-learning, and charging £40-£50 for access…😬

Relevant content

We’ve kept our heads down and we’ve been picking away at our hit list of off-the-shelf modules, and we’re making great progress in the right areas. One thing you won’t find us doing is stacking our virtual shelves with irrelevant content in an effort to bolster the numbers. It’s just relevant content, well designed and at a fair price. In our view, less is more.


Our approach

We’re creating content based on our research, experience, industry knowledge and the guidance from our trusted Corporate Partners (more on our Corporate Partners in the coming weeks). For Reuzer, 2021 is the year of collaboration – and we’re offering organisations the chance to join our Corporate Partnership Scheme to co-create some good looking, purposeful e-learning. So in an effort to tempt you in, we thought we’d take some time over the coming weeks to show you a sample or two from our off-the-shelf library, which is being enjoyed by a growing army of Uzers. If you’d like trial access, we can sort that – just contact us 👍


Permit to Work

Permit to Work is one of the most crucial administrative controls we use within the safety-critical sector. Our course is divided into 2 modules, ‘An Overview’, and ‘Types of Permit’ and it’ll take around 40 minutes to complete. Here’s a short video and beneath are a few images from the live course.


Noise Awareness

This course was a pleasure for us to create. Not only did we create some great visuals, custom animation and great uzer interactivity, but we also gave our Uzers an insight of what it might be like to live with tinnitus. Anyway, here’s an animation and some images – and yes the loudest snorer in the world is a female… 👩🛌


Become a uzer

We care about what we do and are passionate to share our journey with like-minded individuals and business leaders to make the world of work a better and safer place. If you’d like to know more – then reach out, we’re always happy to talk.


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