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27 Nov 2022 | News, Projects
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Put yourself in pole position

In November 2022 we signed off on one of our biggest and most exciting corporate partnerships.

In collaboration with national training award winners TIPS for Good Management and leading jack-up contractor Shelf Drilling, we put pen to paper, (or rather mouse to screen) and agreed to create 19 leadership and management learning resources.


And it’s not just Shelf Drilling that will benefit across their entire organisation, as this content will also be available on the Reuzer Platform for all of our existing users in Q1 2023.


From time management, managing stress to conflict resolution and self awareness, we’ll be delivering a suite of high quality learning resources. Designed to be viewed standalone or as part of a wider package, this content will be like nothing else out there.

They’ll feature the handy work of our long-term collaborator Andy Ward, as well as the breathtaking animation skills of our very own Ed Suckling and Samuel Stephenson-Dawss.


A few TIPS…

Adding the subject matter expertise to this prestigious project are TIPS for Good Management. TIPS boast a number of corporate clients, all of whom have gained significant benefits from the courses that TIPS for Good Management offer. TIPS are also approved by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and are very well versed in the creation of digital training materials.


More information

For more information about this suite, please contact us here.

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