Ambitious goals

27 Nov 2022 | Inspiration, News
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We’re all about making a difference, whether that’s through quality digital training or supporting our local community.

In 2021 we partnered with leading mental health charity Norfolk and Waveney Mind to co-create some quality e-learning for those spending excessive time away from their loved ones. And to keep making a continued difference, we also donate 50% of all the revenue back to Mind, so they can keep doing great things in our local community.

And in 2022, we’ve got behind our local and newly formed football team ⚽️


These teams and community projects don’t just provide a safe haven for grass-roots football, but they’re also the foundation for so many more life skills. From winning fairly and losing gracefully, shaking hands after a heated encounter, respecting your opponent and building long lasting friendships – sport can be a building block for not only great memories, but for ambition, courage and determination 💪🏽

It’s safe to say we’re proud to play a part and provide the 2022/23 home kit for the Under 10s team. We’re also grateful for the endless hard work from the coaching team, the committee and the parents who all make this happen – it’s a real team effort 👏🏻


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