Competence management

Save time. Save money. Save the scanner and go paperless. Assess your team in real-time as they achieve their competence goals, and store all of the evidence to prove it.

Fresh off the success of the Reuzer Platform, we’ve created a competence management system to take your business and people further.

Stop managing spreadsheets and spend your time doing the things that matter. Create your competence profiles, assign tasks, define an assessor and set all of the reminders you need to keep on top of your compliance. 

Whether on-the-job assessments, mentor-led activities, e-learning or classroom training – you can manage it, store chronological evidence and view your teams dashboard in one simple and highly intuitive platform.  

And with our on-the-job application, you can assess your staff, capture the footage or photos to prove it and upload it all at your convenience. 

Reuzer products and services are designed and crafted to transform the way you train.

Learning management

For all your digital learning needs in one user-focused, future-proofed destination, look no further than the Reuzer Platform.


We’re stocking our virtual shelves with well designed, accessible, applicable learning resources that take you further.

Custom e-learning

Go bespoke with custom e-learning. Your brand, your message, designed specifically for your needs.

Custom animation

Bring your brand to life with custom animation that educates, illustrates, and creates an impact.

Digital translation

Full or partial translation into any language. Be involved or take a back seat, you’re in safe (and multi-lingual) hands.


If you’d like to know more about any of our products or services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.