New team member!

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Kickstarting at Reuzer

We’re delighted to introduce our new team member, Samuel.

After just two weeks at Reuzer, Samuel has risen to the challenge in every instance and created some extraordinary 3D work at record speed. We can’t wait to see what the next 5 1/2 months brings for Samuel. One thing’s for sure – we’ll keep him busy and challenged, and at every opportunity we’ll look to support Samuel as he begins his journey into the world of media design.

Enough from us, let’s hear from the man himself.


Hi, I’m Samuel Stephenson-Dawss.

I’m just starting a 6-month job placement at Reuzer as part of the government led Kickstart program. This is a program which supports people aged 16-24 on universal credit and gives them the opportunity to work for a local employer for 6 months.

My background

I’m a recent graduate from Norwich University of the Arts’ Animation course. Over the duration of my course I worked on short films and fantasy art, but I also created a lot of technical 3D hard-surface work.

One particular area I’m interested in is capturing real world objects and environments in 3D, I then enjoy applying some elements of animation and sound. As well as the 3D work, I also work in 2D animation and in terms of software I’m pretty fluent in the Adobe Creative Suite and Blender. Here’s an example of some of my 3D work 👇

Before animation

Prior to studying animation, in college I studied engineering, alongside physics and also game design – which I admit is quite a combination.

During my studies I quickly realised that one of my real passions is engineering, and so my interest in engineering went beyond my studies. In the months and years that followed, I amassed a fair collection of tools, equipment and also undertook multiple hobbyist electronics projects in my spare time. And it was during this phase of my career and studies that my focus also began to shift towards crafts, sculpture and animation.

Currently I spend much of my free time playing video games, collecting vintage electronics, playing music, and doing some occasional artwork for client commissions.

I’m excited to be working at Reuzer in a role that suits my interests and combines my passion for engineering and 3D design.