Capturing competence

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“There’s an old saying that if you think safety is expensive, try an accident…” Trevor Kletz

MEGA Reuzer Platform update 🚀

Find out about our new competency management system and all the smart, time-saving features we created specifically for the safety-critical sector. Read on…👇🏻

We’ve listened 👂🏻

Since launching Reuzer in late 2020, we’ve been committed to listening to our customers and delivering to meet their needs. We boast a raft of top notch clients and near 100% repeat business 🚀 And we’ve kept our ears open, that’s why we’re proud to release the Reuzer Competence Management System (CMS) – the next evolution of our platform, supporting the safety-critical sector to meet competency requirements.

“We’ve had amazing success with the Reuzer Platform, with thousands of e-learning courses already completed,” says Founder Ian Smith. “Now we’re very excited to launch the CMS. We’ve created it with people from the safety-critical world, taking feedback at every stage of development, to understand their processes and how this tool needs to work for them.”

Competency conundrums 🤨

When people say they’re trained, what does that really mean?

In the wake of high-profile incidents, competence has become a popular buzzword for the safety-critical sector. And proving that your people are competent is a big part of that.

Competence is made up of knowledge, skills, and experience. So classroom and e-learning can only take you so far, proving employees have the knowledge they need to do the job. You also need to be able to demonstrate their skills and experience through documenting their on-the-job performance over months, and years.

Easy access

Having easy access to comprehensive competence data ensures not only that you deliver your project safely and confidently, but also that insurance claims can be well supported if an incident occurs, it can help prevent employee lawsuits, and also backs up any bids you make for new projects. But many businesses are still dependent on paper-based processes, scanning documents, and multiple unintegrated systems.

“Our CMS is designed to make life easier,” says Ian. “Other platforms are very menu-heavy – you’re drilling down to find a certificate or reset a password and that’s not a good use of time. People in the industry have fed back to us that they like Reuzer’s simplicity – how straightforward it is to navigate around. We’ve also created a whole suite of training videos to get new uzers up to speed.”

But don’t panic! We’re not bidding farewell to e-learning, but now the Reuzer Platform offers you one streamlined experience – where you can keep track of competence profiles, assessments, and verifications, as well as access our popular e-learning resources and link them straight to your competence profiles.

Here are some of the exciting features the Reuzer CMS has to offer:

Personalise role profiles 👷🏽‍♂️👷🏼‍♀️

Whether you’re adhering to the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC), Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organisation (OPITO), or the International Well Control Forum (IWCF), every governing body brings with it its own competency requirements. That’s why we’ve not pre-populated our system. You can create your own competence profiles based on whatever criteria your business works to. And then, you can share each and every element of competence across as many or few profiles as you wish.

Automatically assign competencies

After you’ve added all your competency elements to the system, such as an on the job assessment or e-learning courses, you can easily link those to a specific role (including courses from the Reuzer Library or your own e-learning), rather than having to assign each element manually. This makes it simple to get your specific role profiles set up in the system. It always waves goodbye to constant repetition.

Get visibility in an instant 📊

The CMS matrix gives administrators and managers a useful overview of competency across the business, including what percentage of elements have been completed and which are about to expire. You’ll also see any optional elements of competence (those not required for a specific role) listed separately, for example, those required for emergency responders.

Want to take a closer look at a particular group or produce a report? Our system lets you filter by job roles or locations, so you can quickly assess specific employees. You can even set up your own unique fields, such as preferred language, nearest airport or home location, so you can search in a way that makes sense to you.

Easy online assessments and verification 💻📱

With Reuzer, all your OTJ documentation is stored in one place – from assessment write-ups to video evidence. And our CMS has a verification process built in, so you can easily keep on top of your competency assessment processes.

When verifiers log in to the system, they can select an assessor from within their region to verify. The platform randomly generates a pool of assessments based on a percentage set by your admins, using our handy slider. The verifier can then work through each assessment, viewing all the history, evidence, and assessor’s notes, before verifying or revoking the original assessment result.

What’s more – if your business has dozens of locations we’ve built some simple logic which ensures any assessment and verification requests are sent to your local and nearest assessor, rather than everyone getting a full inbox. We’ve thought of everything, and then a little bit more!

Take it anywhere

Reuzer is mobile and tablet friendly, and soon it’s going to have full offline capability. That means that your assessors will be able to download a lite version of an employee’s profile and take their tablet on-site. There, they can carry out an assessment and record all the evidence onto the tablet. When they’re back online in the office, the lite version will then sync with the system.

One fee, all the features 

Unlike other platforms, we offer a simple pricing structure. You pay per uzer, per month, no matter the size of your organisation or what functionality you want to use. You also get access to all the e-learning courses in the Reuzer Library too.

Competency you can’t get enough of

Want to try out our CMS to see how easy it is to keep on top of competence? Get in touch today.