Wellbeing interactive video

13 Sep 2022
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A customised combo of creative elements to support an internal mental wellbeing campaign at KCA Deutag.

From filming in Dubai, photos from Oman and illustration and animation in Norwich – this project has it all.

The client

With over 130 years of experience, KCA Deutag are one of the world’s leading drilling and engineering contractors working onshore and offshore with a focus on safety, quality and operational performance. KCA Deutag operate approximately 110 drilling rigs in 20 countries, either directly or through affiliates, employing people in Africa, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, the Caspian Sea and Canada.



Ultimately this project is the result of weeks and weeks of hard work and collaboration between Reuzer and KCA Deutag. From concepts and storyboards, various script iterations and audio tweaks – this project had to be perfect. And it not only had to hit the mark visually, but it also needed to be pitched at the perfect introductory and awareness level for all KCA Deutag employees, of which there are 5000+.


Based on the enormous head count at KCA Deutag, this media will criss-cross the world with employees in Dubai, Canada, Angola, Germany, Norway, the UK and beyond. So aside from being delivered in 6 languages, it also had to take a tricky topic which isn’t often talked about and deliver it with an underlying tone of positivity. Our aim was to get people engaging and talking about mental wellbeing, not scaring them off.


For this media we incorporated some real life footage filmed by Reuzer in Dubai. We interviewed 8 people and listened to their thoughts, struggles and the challenges they faced during Covid, as well as the pressure this brought with it. But we also focused on how we can turn a negative around and create a positive opportunity, so we listened to how these people coped and what worked for them, from learning to cook Italian, reading new books, creating mini media clips and spending time with family.

Combining multiple media styles in one short video can create a visual challenge and continuity conflict. And aside from real life media, we created plenty of 2D animation, multiple custom drawn illustrations, two sound tracks and some photography of the KCA Deutag team hard at work. So we had to work hard to keep a constant style and theme throughout the media, and by working with the KCA Deutag communications team we deployed some standard elements across the media to bring continuity, as well as a strict combination of KCA Deutag brand colours to give it that familiar feeling from the very outset.




CEO, KCA Deutag

Can’t say fairer than that can you 🚀