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14 Jul 2023
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We were right on time creating a suite of e-learning courses covering all the essentials of time management. Relevant for everyone within a business – from new starters to senior management – these modules were branded specifically for Shelf Drilling and then rebranded to work for Reuzer library users.

The client

Shelf Drilling is a globally recognised contractor of jack-up rigs with operations across Southeast Asia, India, West Africa, the North Sea and MENAM. With decades of industry experience and an outstanding track record, the business’s sole focus is shallow water drilling services.


This project was another collaboration with Norfolk-based management and leadership training organisation TIPS for Good Management, experienced illustrator Andy Ward, local animator Ben Allen, and the Reuzer team.

While Reuzer was responsible for scripting, storyboarding, project managing and designing the content, subject matter expertise was provided by TIPS for Good Management. Meanwhile, Andy created all the illustrations for Ben to bring to life.



Project management was key to this project’s success, coordinating all the various stakeholders and collaborators to bring everything together within budget and, obviously, on time – while maintaining our high standard of e-learning content.

We started with the scripts, working alongside TIPS for Good Management to succinctly cover four topics: urgency vs importance, procrastination, the time management grid, and top tips to manage your time effectively.

Shelf Drilling was able to review and make amends to ensure the content worked for their organisation.


Next, we defined what visuals were required, working with Andy Ward to develop custom illustrations that covered some key concepts featured in the training.



With scripts and storyboards signed off, we worked on the non-animated content, including custom imagery, user interactions, and course assessments, while Andy delivered the final illustrations. Animator Ben Allen then injected movement and character to bring everything to life.



With all the assets imported and published, we ensured all the transitions were seamless and ironed out any issues. Then the client had the opportunity to provide feedback. We implemented a few minor changes and thoroughly tested the course on the LMS to make sure everything worked perfectly.


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