Time-critical, safety-critical

14 Jul 2023
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After a major incident, our client wanted to create a short video based on the lessons learned report, which could also potentially be published as an e-learning course on their LMS in future.

This video would make it easier to share a critical safety message across a 10,000-strong workforce.


With the learnings from the incident recently published, this was a time-critical project. Our client supplied us with the detailed report, including incident investigation and analysis, as well as CCTV footage from the rig, capturing the incident from several angles. They needed the video to be suitable for translation into two other languages, tailoring the content to the organisation’s global workforce.

Because of the multi-national reach, we wanted to rely heavily on visuals to tell the story. We decided to blend the CCTV footage with 2D animation, stock video of a drilling rig, and drone photography from our client’s own site to set the scene.

With the information and footage secured and assessed, we created a five-minute script to share this important message.



The video was created around three distinct sections: an introduction, the incident, and the lessons learned. We made sure that these transitions were clear and unrushed to give the viewer time to take in all the information.

To make sure the video was engaging and relatable for the audience, we packed it with colour and photographs. We used the client’s brand guidelines to define the colour palette and created a ‘lessons learned report’ brand identity to anchor the videos and offer potential for a series of similar videos in future.



After a speedy production process, we delivered the video, which received fantastic feedback from the client. It could then be translated into Arabic and French for the wider audience. Our client was happy that we had thought outside of the box to present the content in a visually engaging way.


“Many thanks for the video! Really impressive what you’ve made out of the available data and information!”


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