The power of prevention

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2 May 2024
dropsafe Mockup Gradient with White R

Global drops prevention technology provider Dropsafe wanted to create an series of short industry wide animated safety initiatives aimed at preventing dropped objects.

It was important that the animations highlighted both the potential hazard and the possible solutions – like its Dropsafe Nets, which securely enclose and tether overhead fixtures.

Using real-world scenarios and a rough storyboard, we developed a simple 2D animation style that subtly incorporated Dropsafe’s brand colours to bring each scenario to life and focus the viewer on each solution.

In total, we’re creating a series of six animations to showcase the various hazards and the possible mitigation measures. Each video is short (approximately 1.5 minutes), sharp, and in the same style. Paring back the animation and adding a minimal amount of text means they’re easy for people to understand at a glance. And they’re designed to work without audio too, making them ideal for social media platforms and for use at industry events.

dropsafe Mockup

“Dropsafe are proud to be working with Reuzer to help educate the community about Dropped Objects and increasing worksite safety.

Their professionalism, expertise and knowledge makes for a great partnership, which we look forward to building on over the coming months.”

Joe Partington, Dropsafe –Marketing Manager


Gradient with White R