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12 Feb 2024
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With handling, lifting and carrying accounting for 17% of all work related injuries in the UK - Shearwater asked us to help them take a proactive approach to injury reduction across their workforce.

Shearwater already had a tried and tested classroom based course, but they needed some help upgrading their content for a slicker delivery.

The idea was to give the instructor more control of the content by putting them in the driving seat, and furnishing them with clear and sharp visual elements from which to base their classroom discussion.


The problem 

You can’t control a classroom course. It goes off in random directions with discussions you couldn’t have planned. And you don’t want to lose that, some great learning takes place within these unscripted minutes.

But, a classroom course needs structure. It needs a backbone (sorry 😬) to bring people back to the agenda and it also needs stimulating visuals and animation to support a knowledgeable instructor. There’s nothing worse than 200 words on screen and a Googled, blurry thumbnail 😩


The project

The project was all about continuity and clarity. It was about a clear explanation and allowing the instructor to pause, discuss and then move on at their convenience, all without ever leaving their presentation.

That’s actually harder than it sounds. It’s harder because PowerPoint doesn’t know when you’re going to dive off track, it doesn’t know when you need to jump back a few slides to cover a topic which perhaps didn’t land as well as you would have wished.



Everything about this project had to be considered. We needed to give the instructor ample material and options. Animations were short and sharp, 10-20 seconds each. These swift animations prevented a whole class having to sit through minutes of un-necessary content to view one single element and clarify one single point. It helped to keep the class moving and on track. Efficient is the word we’re looking for.

Additionally, animations were labelled and cut-a-way, leaving less to the imagination and guiding the conversation in the right direction. Visuals were all big, bold and relatable, and they all felt like part of a package.

We didn’t waste precious screen space with irrelevant bullet points and grainy imagery.


The delivery 

The delivery for this was a huge array of media. All said and done, the client was in total control of how they used their new assets and delivered the material. And across every single global location the course was the same, the visuals were the same and the key messaging remained consistent.

Gradient with White R