Speedy ethics course for seafarers

HIGH RES - Scylla at Sunset in Damen Shprepair Amsterdam - March 2023 - Photo Taken by Sjef Kenniphaas
27 Mar 2023
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Seajacks needed a fast and effective way to share the company’s ethics policy across its whole workforce.

In just 10 days we kicked off, closed out and uploaded the project, with 450 users accessing the tablet-optimised course via the Reuzer Platform.

The client

Seajacks, based out of Great Yarmouth in the UK, operates self-propelled jack-up vessels that provide safe and efficient offshore solutions all over the world. Working in both the renewable and hydrocarbon sectors, the company owns and manages five of the most advanced harsh-environment vessels of this kind and has over 500 wind turbine installations to its name.



We worked closely with Seajacks to understand its ethics policy and create a course that would improve company awareness and comprehension of the issues involved. We also took steps to ensure the Seajacks brand would be prevalent throughout.



We created a modular course that could be broken down into manageable sections, allowing users to bookmark and keep track of their progress. The user-friendly and visually engaging design was created with both mobile and desktop learning in mind.

Given the tight turnaround of this project, we conducted live reviews of the course with the client and updated it in real-time for approval. The course ends with a short assessment to consolidate learning and confirm user understanding.



Within two weeks of launch, 250 users had already completed the course. And because it’s short and light on bandwidth, it’s ideal for users in locations with poor internet access – reducing the barrier to learning significantly.

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