Slipping and tripping statistics

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28 Sep 2023
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Vantage is an international offshore drilling contractor, formed in 2007, which operates and manages a fleet of modern, high-specification drilling rigs and provides contract drilling services to oil companies around the world.

Vantage had seen a steady stream of slip, trip, and fall incidents over a period of time.


They wanted a short course that highlighted the hazards contributing to this incident type, why they happen and provide prevention techniques to put into practice whilst working on their assets.

In keeping with the success of the prior courses we’ve created for Vantage, we decided that the content would be best delivered in the same format, giving an element of continuity across all of the content. And because Vantage had already seen close to 3000 completions on the Reuzer Platform, we knew we had a winning formula.


We also felt it was important to use real-life scenarios and data from both Vantage and the industry to unpick the hazards and forces that can contribute and increase the risk of slips, trips and falls.

We decided that a 15 minute course using illustration, animation, genuine photography from Vantage and regular interactivity would carry this message most effectively.



Our client provided us with a classroom based resource and imagery along with facts and figures to turn into an engaging e-learning course.

We initially constructed a full script which Vantage approved, before several illustrations were created to visually highlight the differences between a slip, trip, and a fall. A series of three animations were also developed bringing these illustrations to life, showing how different forces come into play when an incident like this occurs.


In addition, and based on our long term working relationship with Vantage, we were also able to incorporate some elements of our animated safety alerts – enabling the crew at Vantage to see real incidents happening on their assets, to their colleagues.



The compulsory training course was made available on the Reuzer Platform to all operational Vantage employees. It encourages employees to think about each step they take and how they can reduce hazards in order to prevent an incident happening, no matter how big or small.

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