Sharing lessons learned

5 Jul 2024
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We’re delighted to share a brand-new case study for an incredible project recently completed for Serica Energy.

This project began when Serica Energy reached out to us after seeing some of our animated safety alerts for Perenco and Vantage Drilling on social media, and also via a mutual contact within the energy sector.

A phone call was arranged, and after some initial conversations it turned out that Serica Energy wanted to approach their safety alerts differently. They wanted to use them as a real learning tool, to share good practice and lessons learned in a much more visually appealing and consistent way.

It was vital that the message connected and was understood by their entire workforce, we couldn’t alienate anyone with technical imagery and industry jargon.


Real learning

After some initial conversations we quickly realised that what they were asking for was unlike anything we had done, however we love a challenge.

It was looking like a creative combo of animation, illustration and 3D all combined into one 10-minute video with professional voice over.

The animation also had a layer of complexity which we weren’t used to, it had complicated valve isolation sequences, sub-sea items to show, as well as the need to navigate around an offshore fixed platform and maintain a sense of realism for the user.

Prior preparation

Like most projects of this scale, 75% of the work happened up-front in the storyboarding phase.

We spent weeks tweaking the wording with expert input from Serica Energy, and then our favourite illustrator Andy Ward spent weeks creating an incredible level of realism in the visuals which would support the narrative as well as maintain that sense of reality throughout.

We shared drafts of the scenes and visual mockups of some characters. We shared audio to match the visuals and transition ideas between the scenes. We created icons to align with the current Serica Energy branding, and even added some seagulls for a little more realism.


Slick production

When all of these elements received their individual approvals, it was time to animate. It was at this stage that everything would come together. The voice over needed timing, the pauses had to be perfect, and the sound effects had to sound seamless.

As each scene was ready to share and after an internal review, each scene was sent one by one for approval, and in some cases some minor edits were made.

Finally, with all the approvals in place, we were able to piece the edit together and deliver a sharp, highly visual and realistic animation to Serica Energy.

M3 MacBook Pro Mockup 04 by Minimal Mockups

“Collaboratively working with Ian & Andy through out the creative process on this sharing and learning project was excellent.

The visually impactful animation product achieved supports our organisational learning in a clear succinct way.”

Serica Energy- project lead

Gradient with White R