Rapid Risk Assessment (RRA)

1 Nov 2023
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In an ideal world, we complete a risk assessment and it's job done.

But this world isn't ideal.

Risk changes all the time. Read about how we supported long term partner KCA Deutag with their brand new Rapid Risk Assessment (RRA) campaign.

To kick-off

You do a mental risk assessment before you drive a car, but it doesn’t account for a swift change in weather, other dangerous drivers, a truck ahead swaying in front of you or a tyre blowing out.

And the scenario is exactly the same on a rig. The crew changes, the weather changes, the task adapts, other operations conflict and fatigue can creep in. For these reasons, and more, we need to constantly re-evaluate risk.


What is it?

Sometimes referred to as ‘dynamic risk assessment’, other times it’s called ‘situational awareness’ and occasionally ‘chronic unease’ (that’s not an illness) – but what is it?

All terms loosely relate to the theme of constantly re-evaluating your surroundings and asking yourself a few key questions. For example: What’s changed? What could change? What might cause us harm? Do we need to stop and re-assess the situation?

Within KCA Deutag, the team use the simple acronym of SLAM: Stop, Look, Assess, Manage. And the team are widely encouraged, no matter their level within the organisation to do this regularly.

The project

Long story short, KCA Deutag asked us to create something eye catching, and treat it as more of an overall campaign to support their SLAM initiative. And each campaign needs it’s own name and identity – which is why we collaboratively came up with Rapid Risk Assessment – RRA. While SLAM is the process of stopping, looking, assessing and managing; RRA is the element of quantifying the risk and taking action.

This campaign featured a video (in three languages) a crocodile and a poster. More on the crocodile later.

Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 16.21.38

The angle

To start these things off, we needed to understand the angle from which KCA Deutag needed to make the most impact. So we began with a call, followed by reviewing a rough outline of some proposed content.

In fact, the outline was just 11 slides with some key words, phrases, imagery and examples which needed to be shown. And as this campaign was being delivered across multiple regions – it needed to be incredibly visual, so in crawls (or walks?) the crocodile.

The croc 

We’d love to take credit for the idea, but we can only really accept responsibility for the animation. Our project sponsor had the idea of the crocodile and the idea to bring it to life was one which he felt would connect across all regions and would lend itself perfectly to other visual campaigns.

The general message behind the crocodile, (let’s call him Clive) was that while they’re very still for long periods of time, if you don’t respect them or appreciate the risk, they can strike suddenly. And the same applies to the rig. You can work for days, weeks, months and even years – and then suddenly a lapse in concentration results in you getting a nasty bite, or maybe worse.

So Clive made the cut, and our Lead Creative Ed brought him to life, and had the tricky task of somehow merging Clive with a land rig. To be honest, we think he did a marvellous job.

Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 16.21.24

So with the croc sorted and a solid anchor point defined – we could move on to the rest of the content.

With such great creative minds at Reuzer, and after a swift lunch and a coffee we sat down together and went through some ideas. Within a few hours we’d mapped the content and defined exactly what we’d animate, and how we’d transition between scenes. Instead of simply cutting between sections, we’d decided to use the last frame of the previous scene to become the transition point, creating a seamless user experience.


With production largely complete and with two weeks of hard graft and back and forth – we’d created a rather solid first edit. To test our theory we asked some outsiders to take a look and share their opinion!

Fortunately the client agreed and with some minor wording tweaks and image cropping we were ready to get on with the French and Arabic versions.

“A professional organisation that listens and works in collaboration with our needs to achieve effective, educational media that addresses our focus on continuously improving.”

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