Preventing major accidents with major assets

31 Oct 2023
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Find out how we created an energetic communication campaign for Perenco, including a suite of icons, posters, and a vibrant video, to help engage employees about their role in preventing major accidents.

The client

Founded 30 years ago, Perenco is an independent hydrocarbon producer involved in the entire lifecycle of projects, from exploration to decommissioning. The company has an onshore and offshore presence in 15 countries and produces 490,000 boepd (barrels of oil equivalent per day) through its drilling, development, and operations.


Mitigating major accidents

Perenco’s corporate major accident prevention policy, or CMAPP, is centred around trying to eliminate the risk of serious incidents occurring on an oil rig. A major accident is a high-impact, low-frequency event – something serious that doesn’t happen very often. Unfortunately, when they do occur, these events lead to at least one fatality or serious damage to the rig environment.


Despite its importance, Perenco’s Southern North Sea division had found that many people didn’t know what CMAPP was or how it applied to their role. The organisation needed to communicate that no matter where someone is in the business, they have an impact on CMAPP – from recruitment finding people with the right skills to procurement ensuring the right equipment is available.

“Perenco wanted to improve the way they presented CMAPP across the whole organisation,” explains Reuzer founder Ian Smith. “To help engage all employees and spread the CMAPP message, they asked us to create a campaign, including a new identity, to roll out across a suite of six posters and a video.”

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Iconic new look for CMAPP

Stage one of this project saw us develop a unique look and feel for the CMAPP campaign. We chose a distinctive colour palette, which worked seamlessly with Perenco’s brand identity but still stood out from other communications.

Our graphic designers were inspired by the six CMAPP elements to come up with a suite of icons. We went through a few iterations with the client to find solutions everyone was happy with. These became the main focus, alongside messaging provided by Perenco, for six eye-catching posters, as well as the potential for further use on documents and screensavers, among other collateral.

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High-end film for high-impact results

“The next step in the process was to film at Perenco’s Norwich headquarters and Bacton Gas Terminal in North Norfolk to create a short explainer video,” said Ian. “We planned to interview Perenco’s general manager, Jo White, as well as other key team members, to give context to what CMAPP is all about. But we made some creative decisions to prevent this from being a bland corporate film that would make people switch off.”

We encouraged all the interviewees to dress more casually than you’d typically expect from a film of this nature and to speak conversationally, rather than following a rigid script, to make the content more digestible and light-hearted where appropriate.

We got other members of staff involved too, filming them at work in their offices and at Bacton. And we introduced animated elements to bring the most important messages to life for the viewer. We also incorporated the CMAPP identity – colours and icons – throughout the video.

“Attention to detail is really important to us,” said Ian. “For example, we put up the CMAPP posters on the office wall behind Perenco’s GM to help viewers connect what they’re watching with the posters they’ve seen around their workplace. It emphasised this isn’t just another procedure to follow, but something special worth paying attention to.”


Campaign delivery, from start to success

Perenco now has all the assets it needs to roll out the campaign, including icons, posters, and the video, which can be broken down into smaller sections if required to explain each element of CMAPP.

“I’m super proud of this project,” said Ian. “The whole team was involved in bringing it to life, and it showcases many of the skills Reuzer provides, from graphic design to high-end videography and animation. It’s a fantastic example of the complete campaign capabilities we have to offer our clients.”

Make it real, with Reuzer

If you’re in need of an attention-grabbing campaign to get heads turning, we can help. From unique identities to high-end videos produced by our experienced team, we’ll take care of every step to help your message have an impact.

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