Preventing Drops at Borr Drilling

15 Jan 2024
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Borr Drilling wanted to communicate their '8 Ways to Stop the Drop' campaign across their business, and chose Reuzer to bring it to life.

Having already made quite a splash within the drilling sector, we were thrilled to be working alongside the team at Borr Drilling for this new campaign.

The beginning

So, Borr Drilling knew what they needed, they needed a clear and concise video, which could double as an e-learning resource and sit inside their LMS. And they also knew that it needed to be available in more languages than just English.

Versatility is the key word here.


In order to completely ‘get it’ we needed a few calls to ask some silly questions. And once we had it, we got it…get it? 😆

In fact the phone call with the silly questions was the final conversation until we sent the media review link 2 weeks later. Because at Reuzer we ask the questions and we get on, as we know our clients have a day job.

But let’s rewind a bit, as there’s a lot that goes into a project like this.


This part takes the time. In our opinion, if you can write a great script with half a mind on the corresponding visuals – you make your production cycle a lot smoother. It’s not always about ‘what do we show here’ it’s more about ‘How do we seamlessly transition between these two scenes’, as one is 3D and one is 2D and bad transitions keep us up at night 😩

With the script complete and some minor tweaks here and there, we had our good friend and collaborator Pete Harwood lay down some vocals, and fine vocals they were. Vocals that would lead us beautifully into production.


The middle

Production kicked off with the team at the Studio.

To get the vibe, we gathered around the table to read the script aloud, and from here, we can then breakdown the script into distinguishable sections and topics. That allows us to bounce ideas around regarding what might be the best concept to deliver a point, we sketch it out and critique it – it’s all about the ideas and we know when it feels right.

After landing on a theme, a style and an approach of both 2D and 3D as well as the way we’d transition – we were straight into production.


Production is when the magic happens. It’s when the ideas are brought to life.

It’s where we probably spend two thirds of the project timeline. Production can also throw up the odd hurdle, the kind of hurdle you only see when you’re down in the detail.

The end

With the hurdles leapt over and racing towards the finish line, we took the approach of reviewing each scene independently. This was mainly because we wanted to meet a tight (self inflicted) deadline – so we felt it was easier to deal with our own feedback while the scenes were still fresh, rather than all at the end.

With the media complete, it was off for review. After just a few hours the feedback came in – and our client was really happy.

“The process was much less time consuming for me than I thought it would be as Reuzer did a lot of the hard work in terms of script and scene setting.

Once the script had been agreed the first draft production arrived shortly after and I was delighted as to how the video looked and how bespoke it felt to my organisation.  

The first draft required minimal fixes and the final edit was delivered within the timeframe we originally agreed. 

I had originally planned for the video to be delivered regionally but it is more than likely that it will be used as a global resource such was the feedback. 

I am more than happy with my experience with Reuzer and I have already recommended them to colleagues both inside my organisation and outside of it.”

QHSE Manager, Borr Drilling.

So with feedback in, and the project complete – the translations were kicked off.

Final thoughts

“We’ve always admired Borr Drilling, so to get the chance to collaborate with them and then receive such positive feedback is the perfect way to kick off 2024!”

Ian Smith, Founder, Reuzer.

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