Partnering for safety

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30 Nov 2022
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The co-creation of a selection of off-the-shelf e-learning courses with Vantage Drilling, featuring titles such as safety observation, dropped object prevention and safety restraint systems.

These courses are created in-line with both industry standards and Vantage Drilling policies and will be hosted and managed for their 1000 users via the Reuzer Platform.

This project also supports the digitisation of classroom based material into an online automated digital delivery method, reducing the need for excessive training administration.

The client

Vantage is an international offshore drilling contractor, formed in 2007, which operates and manages a fleet of modern, high specification drilling rigs and provides contract drilling services to oil companies around the world.



Built with full Vantage branding, these courses are geared toward the hands-on members of the Vantage team. All of these topics carry key safety critical messaging, so clear and concise delivery is not only nice, but also essential.

With user interaction from the outset, twinned with eye catching animation, photography and video, these courses deliver on every front. We also employed the services of actor Charlie Keable to record these courses – helping them connect even more to the end user.


More information?

For more information about partnering with Reuzer on the creation of your digital training, contact us here.