ORA – from start to finish

6 Mar 2023
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Perenco wanted to help employees more easily understand how it conducts operational risk assessments (ORA) – rather than relying solely on a traditional PDF related procedure.

We produced a 15-minute film to clearly explain this safety-critical process.

The project included interviewing Perenco staff, filming at two locations, and using animation to bring tricky concepts to life.

The client

Founded 30 years ago, Perenco is an independent hydrocarbon producer involved in the entire lifecycle of projects, from exploration to decommissioning. The company has an onshore and offshore presence in 15 countries and produces 490,000 boepd (barrels of oil equivalent per day) through its drilling, development and operations.



We chose to interview Perenco employees, rather than hire actors to explain the process, to better connect with learners and convey a more authentic message. This stage involved several meetings with the two interviewees – Terminal Manager Graham Wall and Process Safety Manager Michelle Cormak – to explain the video concept and make sure they were thoroughly prepared and comfortable.

In the weeks before filming, we visited Perenco’s Norwich HQ and Bacton Gas Terminal in advance to choose the best locations and secured the permits we needed to take camera equipment on site.



To make the film, we partnered with video production and creative agency Stitch. Stitch’s founder has over 10 years’ experience in the oil and gas sector so knows the industry as well as the Reuzer team.


Filming was centred around two interviews. We worked sequentially through the ORA process, asking questions to help Graham and Michelle clearly explain what happens at each stage. Their answers weren’t scripted, as we wanted them to explain the process in their own words. This created a natural, conversational result that avoided procedural speak and really connected with the viewer.



After a couple of review stages with the Perenco team, we ended up with a slick 15-minute film that clearly explained the entire ORA process.

The interview content was complemented by on-site and office-based footage that made the link between the hands-on ORA and the support work undertaken by the QSHE team in Norwich. We also used 2D animation to help explain key terms and technical concepts, like the Bow Tie and Swiss Cheese models.


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