Net zero masterclass

29 Mar 2022
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A comprehensive suite of CPD accredited e-learning.

This much needed business wide upskilling suite is the result of a powerful partnership between Reuzer and Future Food Movement.

From explaining the greenhouse effect, and decoding some typical carbon jargon, right through to business reporting, reduction planning, and everything in-between. When it comes to educating your entire workforce on net zero, social impact and carbon reduction, this suite has it covered.

And to top it off, it’s all available on the slick and highly automated Reuzer Platform.

The client

Future Food Movement have a clear vision. Their end goal is to close the climate skills gap in the food industry by upskilling today’s business leaders and inspiring tomorrow’s rising stars to step up on climate.

And Future Food Movement are powered by Veris Strategies. Veris Strategies work with global organisations, helping their clients take on a challenging mindset for the next generation of sustainability.

We’re totally chuffed to be the content creator of choice, and also to be working with such a like-minded forward thinking business, driven by a strong purpose and guided by a clear strategy.



One thing these courses are not is box ticking training. The world has enough of that.

At Reuzer we’re on a mission to showcase the endless possibilities of digital training and the impact it can have when done correctly. And this suite is no different.

These courses are purposeful and incredibly designed. From the very outset they feature video content, 2D animation, stunning illustration, interaction and relatable real-life case studies.

Once you combine those elements with the beautiful tones of voice actor Charlie Keable, you’ve got something a bit special on your hands. See for yourselves here, courtesy of the multi-talented Peter Harwood 👇




These courses are a hard hitting dose of reality, and a necessity to the modern workforce. For example, did you know that…

  • In the UK 23% of the emissions produced are from transport,
  • Almost one third of global greenhouse gas emissions are created by food production,
  • 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year around the world,
  • In the UK alone, farmed food that ends up in the bin is worth around £12 billion every year.


Finally, it wouldn’t be a Reuzer project without a fair amount of collaboration. We can’t name check everyone, but from animators, copy writers, subject matter experts, voice over artists and illustrators – this project has brought the best of the best together to create something which is truly needed, and as a result it stands head and shoulders above the crowd.

Here’s one of many custom illustrations used within our Human Rights module, courtesy of another Andy Ward collaboration 👍



“The Reuzer team has made the creation of our modules an enjoyable journey. They have taken the process in their stride, reacting to changing timelines and requirements with ease. They are very agile and respond quickly to turn work around. The content they have delivered has been high quality and engaging for the user. We look forward to working with them on many more modules in the future.”

Jo Cameron, Senior Sustainability Lead.

More information

For more information about our partnership with Future Food Movement, or any other of our off-the-shelf titles, reach out via our contact form here.