Mental health and well-being

23 Jun 2021
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A 3-way collaboration between Reuzer, Seadrill and Norfolk and Waveney MIND to co-create a brand new Mental Health and Well-being e-learning course, targeting the safety-critical sector.

The collaborators

Norfolk and Waveney MIND provide a range of services and groups to support people with their mental health and well-being. Norfolk and Waveney MIND work to reduce the stigma associated with mental health, support people in their recovery and champion better services for all.


Seadrill is a deep-water drilling contractor for the petroleum industry. Seadrill have a young, smart and strong fleet of semi-submersible platforms, jack-up rigs and drill-ships to meet the needs of operators, no matter their size or scale. Seadrill have approx. 5000 personnel located around the world.



When Seadrill discussed the idea of a Mental Health and Well-being course to be delivered to their entire workforce, we quickly stumbled upon something which could have a far greater reach across the offshore and energy sector in general.

It’s no doubt that COVID has placed extra stress and pushed hard on the resilience of the offshore population, with some people spending literally months on end away from their family. However, we also identified that people within the offshore sector have a lot to deal with and juggle – even without COVID. For example, working away for 3 weeks on 12 hour night shifts and then slotting back into family routine and taking the kids to school, isn’t as easy as just flicking a switch.

So between Reuzer and Seadrill we had an idea, industry knowledge and the capability to create an impactful course, but we needed an expert in the field of mental health and well-being to support us. And in step Norfolk and Waveney MIND. The team at Norfolk and Waveney MIND embraced this opportunity to work alongside two experts in their field to create a totally unique and much needed e-learning course, and in doing so they finalized this trio of collaboration.


For this course, we felt we needed to do something a bit different. We needed someone to relate to, and so we worked with award winning illustrator Andy Ward to create that special someone. John appears throughout the course. His wife, colleagues, friends and dog also put in an appearance! We follow John across the continuum of mental health, we see how he’s feeling and also some of the ways in which he could increase the positive elements of his life while decreasing the negatives.


This course was an absolute joy to create. Working alongside Seadrill and Norfolk and Waveney MIND was brilliant, with nothing but absolute dedication and professionalism to deliver a course to make a difference.

We also received some lovely feedback, which is always a bonus…

“It has been a pleasure to work with Reuzer and Mind as highly professional units on this important project. Offshore and onshore rotational workers have faced significant additional challenges over the Pandemic in addition to the high demand nature of their standard roles. Recognising the potential impacts, talking and seeking help when needed are critical for maintaining mental health and well-being. I heartily recommend a view.”

Dr Robina McCann Bickley, Corporate Medical Director at Seadrill.


Want to hear more?

Reach out to see how you can access this e-learning on the Reuzer Platform, and even add elements of your own customisation.

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