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20 Jun 2023
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KCA Deutag wanted a series of e-learning courses created from five 30-minute videos we had previously created.

Their goal was to ensure a consistent training approach and remove the need for classroom-based sessions.

The courses needed to include a final exam to automate certification and meet SCORM standards, making them compatible with the Reuzer Platform.

The client

With over 130 years of experience, KCA Deutag is one of the world’s leading drilling and engineering contractors, working onshore and offshore with a focus on safety, quality and operational performance. KCA Deutag operates approximately 110 drilling rigs in 20 countries, either directly or through affiliates, employing people in Africa, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, the Caspian Sea and Canada.



The existing content consisted of five 30-minutes videos. But to be delivered to employees, they relied on classroom-based sessions and manual input to capture attendance. We planned to break each video down into short, accessible resources that met SCORM standards (SCORM stands for shareable content object reference model and refers to a set of technical standards for e-learning software products), making them compatible with our, or any, learning management system (LMS).

The first step was organising all the original assets. From there, we identified good break points in each video to create self-contained modules, deciding where voice overs needed to be rerecorded as a result and if any new content needed to be created. Working within our client’s brand guidelines, we proposed section and chapter headers to guide the user and drafted assessment questions and answers for KCA Deutag to approve.



Plan in place, we deconstructed the original video files and imported each asset into our chosen e-learning development tool. Some of these had to be recreated or resynced with a new voice over. Each package then had to be compressed to make sure it met the optimal file size, ensuring playback would still be possible in poor bandwidth areas. The development software allowed us to create interactive quizzes that could be completed by individuals rather than requiring facilitation in a classroom.

Each course was published and then quality controlled by the Reuzer team. We then shared everything with the client, giving them the option to review the content, approve it or provide any feedback.



The original five videos were broken down into 20 SCORM packages. With approval across the board, we uploaded them to KCA Deutag’s profile on the Reuzer Platform.

There, they were thoroughly tested in the live environment and shared with the client’s administrators, who then assigned the courses to their users.

The courses are presented to each employee in the same sequence, so everyone receives the same information in the same order, and they can’t skip ahead. Once a course has been completed, users automatically receive a certificate with a validity period. The Reuzer Platform then reminds users when they need to take the course again.


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