Learning like superheroes

13 Sep 2022
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A fully illustrated animation to support Shelf Drilling and their global team with their up and coming Time Out For Safety campaign.

The client

Shelf Drilling are a globally recognised organisation with decades of industry experience and an outstanding track record to provide best-in-class drilling operations for their customers.

Shelf Drilling’s dedicated focus on jack-up rigs, geographic diversity, safe operations, customer relationships and experienced management team make Shelf Drilling the preferred choice for customers, employees and stakeholders.



At Reuzer, we like to think we’re the masters of joining the dots and creating a win/win scenario for our clients. This project was no different.

Due to our long term and positive working relationship with the good folk at Shelf Drilling, we were able to speed this project up and reduce the overall cost by utilising assets from a previous Shelf Drilling project.


The assets in question came from a recently released hand and finger injury prevention course, which saw us team up with our good friend and award winning illustrator Andy Ward. For this previous project Andy and the team at Reuzer had the task of creating five typical day-to-day scenarios which could result in a hand or finger injury at Shelf Drilling 🚑


And with these five new scenarios beautifully illustrated, we had a lovely link between existing content and the new concept.

And this concept was simple and clear. It was all about avoiding injury and encouraging anyone that spotted an unsafe act to step in, be a Superhero, and call a Time Out For Safety. So, in-stepped the five scenarios as the ideal backdrop for our Superhero 🚀


Due to the scale and geographic spread of the Shelf Drilling team, along with the multiple language barriers, we needed to keep things simple with minimal wording and clear visuals. So by utilising the existing assets which were already familiar to the Shelf Drilling team, and creating several new scenes in the same style, we were able to follow the Superhero concept throughout the media whilst paying close attention to the key Shelf Drilling brand elements.


The resulting two minute animation has been well received at Shelf Drilling and is the perfect introduction to their newest safety campaign. We’re delighted to have been a part of it 🎬

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