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6 Mar 2023
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Shearwater needed new permit-to-work e-learning to get its staff up to speed, and fast.

Rather than commissioning new bespoke courses – which could take up to two months – our client opted to buy two courses from Reuzer’s existing library, which we branded, customised and rolled out in just two weeks.

The client

Shearwater is an innovative global leader of marine seismic data, imaging products and data processing software. With locations in Norway, the USA, Singapore, Malaysia and the UK, it provides clients with the tools they need to de-risk marine exploration and maximise production efficiency, including its fleet of purpose-built vessels and user-friendly proprietary software: Reveal.



We shared both courses and their scripts with our client so they could easily assess the content and identify the company-specific changes they wanted us to make. With animation, quality imagery and professional voice overs already in place, Shearwater could get a clear idea of what the finished courses would look like.



We seamlessly edited around 20 percent of the existing content in line with the brief. This involved incorporating additional learning points, adding in client-supplied imagery and updating the final assessment to reflect the new information. We also incorporated Shearwater branding, making both courses feel custom-made.



After the courses were approved, we worked with Shearwater to make sure both packages were uploaded to its learning management system and worked perfectly for all users. The whole project took two weeks, meaning our client was able to roll out this safety critical training much more quickly than if the courses had to be built from scratch.

Find out more

Want to tweak one of our existing courses for your users or need something custom-made? To find out how the Reuzer team can help you achieve your e-learning ambitions, please get in touch.

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