Keeping it real

17 Feb 2023
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Vantage Drilling was relying on PDFs for HSE safety alert training.

Using illustration and animation, we aimed to improve understanding and enhance retention of these essential learning resources.

We created a series of six two-minute video case studies based on real incidents to convey this vital information in an accessible and digestible way.

The client

Vantage is an international offshore drilling contractor, formed in 2007, which operates and manages a fleet of modern, high-specification drilling rigs and provides contract drilling services to oil companies around the world.



The first step was to understand each real-world scenario the learning needed to cover. Our conversations with the Vantage team were supported by on-site reference photos. And with the knowledge that English isn’t every worker’s first language, we decided on a more visual approach.


It was clear each video needed to focus in on the cause of an incident – the point of failure – rather than the entire scene. Given the tragic nature of some scenarios, we had to be sensitive while making sure the safety-critical message was clear. The goal: prevent reoccurrence.



We storyboarded each scenario with a proposed script. Vantage was able to review these and make any changes prior to production. Ideally, we would have created 3D animations, but the budget and timeline meant we had to think creatively. We settled on a 2D approach, using award-winning illustrator Andy Ward and a professional voice over artist to bring the scenes to life.


The videos offer Vantage the flexibility they need to improve HSE understanding for 1,000 employees. They can be hosted on a learning management system with certification issued to staff on completion or they can play them for an offshore audience independently, supported by a facilitator.

To help employees remember the video content and to keep it visible across the organisation, we also supplied a campaign pack for each case study. These packs included posters to put up on worksites and screensavers to roll-out across all company computers, emphasising crucial safety messages.



Vantage was so happy with the first video that they commissioned the remaining five – a fantastic result. Here’s what Wayne Bauer, Vice President QHSE & Sustainability at Vantage had to say:

“Reuzers expertise in translating the written word into an animated video has provided us with a tool that is a critical leap forward for safety in our company. The animated HSE Alerts we have had them develop provide the tool we required to ensure a consistent message is being delivered across our rig fleet.

It was a pleasure working the Reuzer team as they offer the flexibility, customisation and industry know-how we needed to ensure we had a fit for purpose, relevant industry based product.“

And here’s what HSE Superintendent Louie Jessome had to say…

“This HSE Alert is spot on. I have checked the HSE Alert which was issued and you didn’t miss a thing. The animation is fantastic. WELL DONE!!!”