Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

19 Nov 2021
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The creation of a slick, customized 20 minute e-learning course which explains the principles of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and answers some of the typical day-to-day questions surrounding this huge topic in a clear and informative way.

For example, what’s the difference between Copyright © and a Trademark™? What’s a patent and how long is one valid for? Is a trademark a global or regional thing?

So many questions to answer…

The client

Shearwater is an innovative global provider of 3D and 4D marine seismic data, imaging products and data processing software. Their fleet of modern purpose-built vessels leads the industry with their towed and Ocean Bottom seismic acquisition capabilities.

Their proprietary seismic processing software, Reveal, has been entirely developed in the 21st century and is the most modern, highly interactive, efficient and user-friendly platform for all aspects of processing and imaging in the market.



Fortunately for most of us, IPR isn’t a topic which we encounter regularly in the workplace. But when we do, we need to appreciate the impact of the decisions we make as they can have big and far reaching consequences. For this reason we related a lot of this course back to everyday life, including some real case studies which help to highlight the impact of some poorly thought through decision making.

For this topic we had to stay on track. IPR is such a broad topic, it can quickly grow arms and legs, spanning everything from a basic introduction to the depths of legal terminology normally reserved for the court room. It’s so easy to get carried away and dive deep into the depths, ultimately missing the initial purpose and intention of what we set out to do.


It’s fair to say that a significant amount of time was spent on this project way before we even got to the design stage. The scripting element took up the bulk of the work, as the narrative and flow were key to keeping the audience on board, engaged and involved from the outset.

Importantly, this course needed to be relatable and thought provoking – we couldn’t tie people up with confusing acronyms and legal speak. And so with the support of an incredibly knowledgeable subject matter expert at Shearwater, we were able to craft a clear and logical script which is both technically sound and clearly worded.


In terms of design, and as with everything we do at Reuzer we kept things concise, clean and tidy. There’s nothing worse than a poorly designed course with text and imagery constantly coming and going, and ironically there’s also nothing worse to quickly lose a learner. And don’t even get us started on PowerPoint motion paths 😫

And so with some awesome animation to convey some tricky topics, quality imagery and regular interaction, combined with a thought provoking voice over from the amazing Charlie Keable, we made something which hit the mark and made the folk at Shearwater very happy.



“We were exploring different ways to train our employees and turned to Reuzer to develop some of our e-learning content. It is particularly refreshing to work with people who understand our core business, and help us find ways to achieve our training goals. Collaborating with Reuzer has been enjoyable, efficient and productive.”

Andy Craven, Training Manager at Shearwater.

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