Handling hand safety, the right way

27 Mar 2023
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Shelf Drilling had noticed an increase in hand and finger injuries across the organisation.

They needed a short course to highlight the risks and prevent the problem escalating further, incorporating real-life scenarios and injury statistics.

With full scripting, voice over, and 2D animation provided by Reuzer, it was all hands (safely) on deck!

The client

Shelf Drilling is a globally recognised contractor of jack-up rigs with operations across Southeast Asia, India, West Africa, the North Sea and MENAM. With decades of industry experience and an outstanding track record, the business’s sole focus is shallow water drilling services.



The team at Shelf Drilling didn’t want a typical e-learning course. They asked us to do what we’re best at and bring the topic to life, using animation, interactivity, and eye-catching illustrations. It was also important to create a highly visual learning experience, because many of the intended users don’t speak English as their first language.

We decided a 15-minute digital course would be ideal, incorporating three real-life scenarios and using the latest data to explain the issue.



Our client supplied a selection of photos for us to use as well as statistics from 2013 to 2020 about relevant incidents and injuries. We drew from real-life stories from a wide range of business activities to represent as many potential users’ experiences as possible. We also created a short assessment at the end to help employees consolidate their learning.



The course was made available to the entire workforce of nearly 3,000 people. It encouraged employees to assess a scenario first, rather than just reacting in the moment. And it was very interactive – users got involved straight away rating their job positions in order of most injured to least injured to help them understand the most at-risk roles.


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