Green-hand Training

2 Jul 2024
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When long-term collaborator KCA Deutag approached us with a few hundred PowerPoint slides, we knew we had to get creative and carefully consider our approach to this game-changing collaboration.

The overall idea was to create a new and engaging method to deliver their unique, and hugely important green-hand training package to all new starters across the business, as well as all contractors.

At the time we began talking, the content was delivered via a series of sit-down classroom sessions, hosted by a knowledgeable instructor with the content taking between 1 and 2 days to deliver.

But what if the instructor isn’t available? How is the content kept consistent across different regions? And is this the most cost-effective way to deliver the content?


KCA Deutag thought there had to be a better way. This thought, combined with the fact that they had begun adopting the Reuzer Platform across their whole business started to gear us toward a slick and future proofed delivery.

So, you guessed it! We took the existing content, and digitised it. We took those elements that would fit a digital delivery and created a rather high end, heavily animated digital twin of the course!

We won’t lie, it took us a while – but all in all we created a suite of 8 e-learning courses of around 20 minutes each which cover everything from the types of drilling contract, the typical crew members, types of drilling rig, and the key equipment utilised.


The KCA Deutag team now have the option to enrol their users via the Reuzer Platform and feel confident that the content is delivered accurately every single time regardless of where they are in the world.

These course are self-paced, so users can take one module today, and perhaps the rest next week – whenever their schedule allows. In addition, every course has its own unique exam which serves as a pre-requisite to the next module and ultimately allows the user to generate their overall certificate of achievement.

Want to take your training to the next level but don’t know where to start? Whether it’s converting legacy content for a digital delivery or a complete custom build, reach out – this is what we do at Reuzer. See for yourself with the video beneath.

Gradient with White R