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12 Jul 2023
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Shelf Drilling needed a suite of e-learning courses targeted towards people in leadership roles, including managers and supervisors, covering key leadership skills.

We developed four short modules, each focused on a specific topic, that could be taken independently if needed. Each module included a final assessment too.

The client

Shelf Drilling is a globally recognised contractor of jack-up rigs with operations across Southeast Asia, India, West Africa, the North Sea and MENAM. With decades of industry experience and an outstanding track record, the business’s sole focus is shallow water drilling services


This project was another collaboration with Norfolk-based management and leadership training organisation TIPS for Good Management, which provided subject matters expertise.




Outlining and scripting the four 10-minute courses saw us work alongside TIPS for Good Management. Based on John Adair’s Leadership and Management Principles, there were four topics to cover: the difference between leadership and management; how to achieve a task; developing individuals; and building and maintaining a team.

We decided to keep the content concise and accessible, to engage and keep the user’s attention throughout. With the four scripts in place, we drew up a simple storyboard to help plan the visuals and transitions. Next, we developed a unique aesthetic in collaboration with the client to suit the content, incorporating bright colours, paper cut-outs, and photography.

To help a wide cross-section of employees feel the learning was relevant to them, we removed the faces of all the people featured in the video and incorporated different skin tones and hair styles. This was a simple solution that enabled us not to exclude anyone and for users to imagine themselves in the various scenarios.

Minimal white office desk with a female holding tablet empty screen mockup


To bring the animations to life, we added sound effects and narration by voice over artist Charlie Keable. Where some of the visuals were quite conceptual, this helped the viewer to understand exactly what was being portrayed and helped hold their attention.

We also used photos supplied by Shelf Drilling to anchor the learning to the organisation and its various departments. And we made sure there was a lot of user interaction, including a final assessment where they could put their new skills to the test.

To keep everything streamlined throughout the entire production process, photos were resized and the final videos were compressed to keep file sizes to an absolute minimum without losing the quality of the content. This approach supports loading times for those employees accessing the training on rigs with lower connection speeds.

Take a sneak peek at the videos here.


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Gradient with White R