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28 Apr 2023
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Prior to this project, Reuzer had created seven CPD-accredited e-learning courses for The Future Food Movement (FFM). They were hosted on the Reuzer Platform, where FFM could grant access to its users.

But our client had big ambitions to share this content with its wider network of collaborators and clients.

What they needed was a specially designed profile that would give them even more control. The challenge was set…

The client

FFM is a UK-based climate-first community. It’s on a mission to accelerate climate action by facilitating a cultural shift. It does this by inspiring, collaborating, radically upskilling and supporting food industry leaders; and running events and providing resources – helping move the food industry from observation to meaningful participation.



An initial workshop helped us to understand FFM and its users’ needs. We then mapped the dozens of potential user experiences and scenarios ­– from adding users and clients to sharing content and assigning learners.

We learned there were a few key functions the new profile would need to support:

  • We needed to maintain one instance of the Reuzer Platform to avoid our versioning becoming out of sync in the future, making it hard to test future updates
  • FFM’s branding needed to appear throughout, including on certification. We wanted to ensure that branding for all future use cases could be taken care of quickly too.
  • Likewise, the client needed the FFM brand voice (not Reuzer’s voice) to be across all its correspondence. We needed to find a way to adjust all external communications on a case-by-case basis, without affecting other users.
  • Certain FFM courses are CPD accredited, so some of them had to populate their associated certificate with a CPD-accredited logo, as well as the number of learning hours and training provider information.


We worked with our software partners, Acora One, to develop the Reuzer ‘Super Owner’ profile. This new profile would allow a Reuzer client to become an owner of their own part of the platform, with the freedom to add their own clients without our input.


After scoping out the project in collaboration with Acora One’s team of software developers, we created all the features in a UAT area and tested them over a six-week period using a test client. The test client incorporated 50 users and two new sub-clients, ensuring data was secure between them. Testing incorporating planned and unplanned user journeys as well as ‘what if’ scenarios. And the whole profile was tested across various devices and browsers, by us and by our clients, who could also feedback on the functionality.


We created a whole new Super Owner profile in the Reuzer Platform, which can be toggled on or off by Reuzer. The profile gives Reuzer clients, like FFM, the opportunity to add their own clients or members to the platform and share their e-learning with a wider network.

Super Owners benefit from:

  • Full control over sharing content, removing users, adding new clients, and client access.
  • Quick visualisation, via the dashboard, of how many clients and courses they have, as well as their total user count.
  • Custom branding and correspondence throughout the platform as required.
  • The ability for users to add course certificates to their LinkedIn profile.
  • Reporting at the Super Owner and client level – so their clients can generate internal company reporting and maintain full visibility of their users’ progress too.
  • All regular Reuzer Platform updates.

There’s a simple hierarchy maintained across the platform. Reuzer can give Super Owners access to off-the-shelf content, which the Super Owner can then share with their clients with a simple toggle. When Reuzer revokes access, everyone loses the ability to see the content.

Find out more

Interested in becoming a Super Owner on the Reuzer Platform to share e-learning content with your clients? Please get in touch.

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