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4 Aug 2022
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An incredibly visual digital training resource covering three essential safety-critical topics:

-flanges and gaskets,
-temporary connections.

This package is designed to support the on-going learning and development of the Well Service Group (WSG), primarily their hands-on personnel around the world.

The client

Well Services Group (WSG) provide a full range of high-quality services both onshore and offshore to the international Oil & Gas, LNG, Petrochemical and Geothermal industries.

Headquartered in the Netherlands and operating globally with offices in the United Kingdom, Continental Europe and throughout Asia, WSG provide specialist Well Intervention, Process & Pipeline, Industrial and Valve services.



With some big steps forward in the world of 3D design and animation we decided that for this suite we’d lean heavily on custom 3D graphics created by our very capable in-house design team at Reuzer.


As such, we were able to model components and equipment in incredible detail as well as manipulate angles, create custom cut-a-ways and adjust lighting to show our uzers exactly what they need to see, ensuring that this training package delivers on every front, and from every angle.

This approach combined with the subject matter expertise from the Well Services Group enabled us to build a technically accurate suite of training in an incredibly visually appealing way.


And it’s not all about the visuals. Far too often we see e-learning and digital training content which not only looks, but also sounds like a procedure. From lengthy over-complicated wording taken directly from a technical 200 page PDF, to industry jargon which only the most experienced of field personnel understand.

So at Reuzer we simplify things, we add the human element and we get to the point. There’s no need to sit through 60 minutes of content for 15 minutes of relevance. So that’s what we did. We created these three courses with the end user in mind, and we couldn’t be prouder of the outcome. What’s more, this content is also available on the Reuzer Platform to our existing uzers, enabling them to quickly subscribe and access the content in a matter of seconds. See them for yourselves here.



Working with the Reuzer Team has been a positive experience, they work in collaboration and deliver a quality product above expectations.

Jan Willem Panjer, Operations Manager.

More information

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