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12 Jul 2023
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NOV turned to Reuzer to leave legacy training behind and create two technical e-learning courses for its Completion and Production Solutions division.

Centred around the organisation’s complex completion tools and how they’re used, the courses needed to be accessible, cover the basics, and be a very visual learning experience.

All in a day or two’s work for the Reuzer team…

The client

Employing over 30,000 people around the world, NOV provides oilfield equipment, technologies, and expertise that answer the challenges of oil and gas customers worldwide with safety, efficiency, and reliability.



NOV wanted to convert some traditional training content to digital, focused on its completion tools. The courses needed to include the basics, from porosity and permeability to conventional vs unconventional drilling and typical well construction techniques. But rather than rehash what already existed, we suggested stripping the content back to basics and building it from the ground up.

These courses needed to be suitable for everyone across the 30,000-strong organisation – from technical experts to HR and administrative team members – all with different language strengths and learning styles.


We planned within the brand guidelines to develop a simple, user-friendly NOV e-learning template, which formed the foundation for the whole project. The NOV team supplied high-quality animation and imagery to support the scripted content, which also helped us write and storyboard the two courses. And they provided essential feedback on the script so we could make sure all the technical details were accurate.



A big part of production was creating a series of technical 3D animations. We then used small extracts and close-ups from these throughout the two courses alongside 2D animation and real oil and gas video footage, showing drilling operations for context, supplied by NOV.

Once the audio was recorded and the animations were nearly finished, we took a closer look at the finer details, including the transitions, user interactions, and any low-activity areas that we could make more exciting for the user.



The final result was two highly engaging e-learning modules. At 10–15 minutes each, these slick and seamless upgrades from NOV’s traditional training are suitable for people across the organisation, whatever their role or expertise.

“Reuzer took some of our legacy training material and turned it into a much better learning experience, by developing unique graphics to help learners visualize the concepts being taught, as well as creating a more interactive experience using varying types of knowledge checks throughout the e-learning modules. 

Working with the Reuzer team is a pleasure, and we look forward to a continued collaboration with Reuzer with our ongoing learning development projects.”

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