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27 Mar 2023
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In partnership with TIPS for Good Management and illustrator Andy Ward, we created three 10-minute e-learning courses centred around conflict resolution.

Created specifically for Shelf Drilling, these courses needed to be part of a wider leadership skills training offering.

The client

Shelf Drilling is a globally recognised contractor of jack-up rigs with operations across Southeast Asia, India, West Africa, the North Sea and MENAM. With decades of industry experience and an outstanding track record, the business’s sole focus is shallow water drilling services.


This project was a unique collaboration with Norfolk-based management and leadership training organisation TIPS for Good Management and experienced illustrator Andy Ward. While Reuzer was responsible for scripting, storyboarding, project managing and designing the content, subject matter expertise was provided by TIPS for Good Management, while Andy created all the illustrations.



We needed the content to be suitable for those working offshore and in the office. We also didn’t want to rely on stock imagery. While 3D animation would have been a bonus, with a clear budget and short deadline, we opted for illustration and 2D animation to bring this leadership training to life.

We transcribed TIPS for Good Management’s existing classroom content and sat down with their experts to determine what information was essential, and what could be cut. This enabled us to keep the modules as short and accessible as possible. Then we storyboarded the content, wrote scripts and shared these with our collaborators and the client for feedback.


Once the scripts were approved, production could begin. Andy created some artwork, including facial expressions and body positions, which we could animate. This helped liven up the content and ensure it felt customised, while remaining within budget.


We paid particular attention to transitions between scenes to make it feel like one seamless journey, rather than a standard ‘click next to continue’ course. Each topic was defined by a specific colour palate so they felt like a cohesive package and part of the overall leadership skills suite.


The final courses are fantastic universal resources – applicable to many sectors, but particularly relevant to Shelf Drilling’s offshore and office-based staff. Being highly visual and with minimal text on screen, the courses are suitable for people who don’t speak English as their first language and lend themselves easily to translation in future. And because they’re short and light on bandwidth, they’re ideal for those wanting to access them from remote locations.



‘Clear explanation and good topics!’

Denis Filc, Training Department, Shelf Drilling

‘This is a great job!’

Toussaint Avo, Corporate Training Advisor, Shelf Drilling

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