Bringing critical incidents to life

14 Jul 2023
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In the wake of an unplanned gas leak, our client wanted to create their first in a series of customised ‘safety flash’ videos to share across its workforce, rather than sending out a standard email.

The video needed to show the sequence of events that led up to the incident, rather than leaving things open to interpretation, to prevent reoccurrence.


We had a face-to-face meeting with the member of our client’s HSE team who completed the incident investigation to fully understand what happened and what the video needed to achieve. Using a 360-degree photo walk-around of our client’s rig, we were able to visit the scene virtually and access useful reference imagery to support our illustration and animation team.

A key challenge was keeping the video under four minutes, ensuring it was engaging and accessible enough for the audience, without losing the important technical details. With the key messages decided on, we drafted the script and presented some initial visuals. Our client made a few minor tweaks, and then we moved into production.



First up, we developed a simple but bold ‘safety flash’ brand for our client, as they planned for this video to be part of a wider safety campaign. And the script was recorded ready for our animators to get started.

Based on our initial rough imagery, the final illustrations were produced and then animated. Once we’d synced up the audio and reviewed everything internally, we shared each sequence with the client for feedback.

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The end result is a short, accessible video that walks the viewer through the incident, its cause, and the various steps that can be taken in future to prevent a reoccurrence.

The animation is bold and engaging, showing technical steps without being overly complicated – ideal for 90 percent of our client’s workforce who are hands-on operational staff.


‘That’s absolutely brilliant.’

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