A stress-free project…

12 Jul 2023
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We took the stress out of stress-related training for Shelf Drilling by creating four 10-minute e-learning courses in conjunction with CMI-accredited and National Training Award winner TIPS for Good Management.

The client

Shelf Drilling is a globally recognised contractor of jack-up rigs with operations across Southeast Asia, India, West Africa, the North Sea and MENAM.

With decades of industry experience and an outstanding track record, the business’s sole focus is shallow water drilling services.


This project was another collaboration with Norfolk-based management and leadership training organisation TIPS for Good Management



We started with the scripts, working alongside TIPS for Good Management to succinctly cover four topics: physical signs of stress, non-physical signs of stress, the impact of stress on performance, and ways of dealing with stress. Shelf Drilling was able to review and make amends to ensure the content worked for their organisation.

We didn’t want to take an easy route, using stock imagery and bullet-pointed information, as we knew the content needed to be as engaging as possible to resonate with learners. So we decided on a new 2D animation style that was flexible enough to work with various approaches and could also be achieved within the client’s tight schedule.



We incorporated Shelf Drilling’s brand colours for a bright and lively feel, choosing one colour to identify this series of modules.

The video needed to feel relevant to a diverse workforce doing a variety of roles in the UK and Qatar – from administrative to operational staff. So we wanted the animated characters to be diverse too – from skin colour and gender to hair styles and clothing.

To energise each module, we incorporated elements from the colourful ‘Memphis’ style of design, along with a cut-out aesthetic, bringing together video, photography, illustration, and upbeat sound effects. We also applied Posterize Time in Adobe After Effects to add a stop-motion feel and unify the different elements.


Our experience

‘When we first took on this project for Shelf Drilling, we knew we had to do something different. There’s no benefit in just churning out content for the sake of it – especially when we’re working within such a safety-critical sector. We’re happy with the outcome – it’s lively, engaging, fun and to the point (zero waffle to fill time)!’

Ian Smith, Founder, Reuzer

Gradient with White R