The Platform

Did you scope the platform? For the benefit of the doubt, when we use the word ‘Platform’ we’re referring to the Learning Management System (LMS), or simply put – the place you log into to take your on-line training and e-learning. The reason we’re not using ‘LMS’ is because it’s so much more than that … Read more

Seajacks join our Corporate Partnership Scheme!

Welcome, Seajacks Just two weeks after launching, we’re so pleased to welcome Seajacks to our Corporate Partnership Scheme! Seajacks operate self-propelled jack-up vessels which provide safe and efficient offshore solutions all over the world. Seajacks operate in both the Hydrocarbon and Renewable industries and boast an impressive track record of over 500 wind turbine installations. … Read more

The Reuzer Corporate Partnership Scheme

What is the Corporate Partnership Scheme? We are currently developing partnerships with a limited number of organisation’s to trial our soon-to-launch Reuzer Platform and off-the-shelf e-learning content. Our collaborative partners will benefit from the ability to directly contribute toward the future development of the platform, guide us in our off-the-shelf e-learning development as well as … Read more

Are you ready for HTML?

It’s coming to an end. Over the last 12-24 months, most of the day to day browsers we’re used to have threatened to pull the plug on Adobe Flash, but why? Well – back in 2017, Adobe released an article to explain their reasoning, however if you’re only interested in the highlights, here they are: … Read more

We’re collaborating!

We’ve teamed up with Computer Service Centre! We’re very pleased to announce that Reuzer and Computer Service Centre are collaborating on the creation of the Reuzer Platform. The Reuzer Platform is a game-changing digital learning and competence platform for the safety-critical sector. Computer Service Centre (CSC) have a proven track record of deploying software packages … Read more

We’re a climate positive team!

Do your bit! We’ve teamed up with Ecologi to make a difference to our planet. The process at is a simple and intuitive one, visit their site and see the options available for you and your business, such as tree planting. Tree planting It’s now common knowledge that one of the best tools to … Read more