Reuzer is a game-changing dynamic digital training creator, serving the safety-critical sector.

Reuzer is transforming
the way you train.

We create quality content above and beyond the competition. And all our deliverables are digital because it’s better, for the environment, your people and your budget.

We embrace innovation – from conception to delivery. And we’re smart where it counts. Like our customers, we’re experts who never stop learning, respond quickly, and prioritise safety above everything else.

We’re consistently consistent and refreshingly honest, so the only surprises you’ll get from us are good ones.

“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.”

Henry Ford

Our products and services have been created and developed to transform the way you train.

Custom e-learning

Go bespoke with custom e-learning. Your brand, your message, designed specifically for your needs.

Off-the-shelf library

We’re stocking our virtual shelves with accessible, applicable courses that take you further.

The Reuzer Platform

For all your learning needs in one user-focused, future-proofed destination, look no further than the Reuzer Platform.

Custom animation

Bring your brand to life with custom animation that educates, illustrates, and creates an impact across your organisation.

Digital classroom

Take face-to-face training up a notch with a digitally enhanced classroom experience to remember.

Augmented reality

Add an extra dimension to your training with augmented reality that puts your places and people in the picture.


You talk. We’ll listen and then learn what you need to succeed. Refreshingly honest consultancy that supports your digital training strategy.

Virtual reality

Virtually real, actually useful – put your people to the test without the risk with a virtual reality experience.

We care about what we do and follow ten key principles when doing our work. We call it the Reuzer Way...

We take safety seriously. Our content contributes to professional competence, prevents disasters, and saves lives. We never forget that.
We’re open with our customers from the outset. It’s the only way we know how to be.
We’re ready for anything, adapting to industries. Sometimes we know what our customers need before they do.
We’re reliable and consistent. Customers count on us to produce exceptional content that works every time.
We create quality content above and beyond the competition.
We make accessing and delivering digital training clear, easy, and technologically sound.
All our deliverables are digital – from e-learning and animation to VR and AR experiences.
We harness the power of technology and think beyond the baseline to take learners to the next level.
We deliver dynamically designed content that’s UX focused and engages learners from the get-go.
We know what works and what doesn’t, and have the skills, sense, and experience to deliver what does.

Our values

Because only the best is good enough
Because it builds trust and improves relationships
Because there’s always a better way
Because it prevents problems and saves lives
Because protecting your people and the planet is paramount

Our founder

Ian Smith has been working in the digital training industry for 13 years, helping businesses unlock their employees’ potential by creating impactful and efficient digital training solutions.

Over the past decade, Ian made the transition from an Instructional Designer within a team of 5 to the Director of a digital training provider, employing 20 people and turning over revenue of ~£2 million per year. 

Ian founded Reuzer in 2020 with the ambition to challenge the industry norm and to ultimately do things better.

Latest updates & insights

New off-the-shelf content!

Permit to Work e-learning As part of our partnership with Seajacks, we’ve co-created a Permit to Work off-the-shelf e-learning course,

Our library continues to grow…

Relevant content… If it’s box ticking training you’re looking for – then this probably isn’t for you. Trust us, we’ve seen some pretty dreadful excuses

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We aspire to be the go-to digital training provider for the safety-critical sector.

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